Best NBA Rookies in the Current Season

To those talented enough, getting a chance to be an NBA rookie is an opportunity to be drafted. Once the starved fan base starts showing expectations that are placed on players’ shoulders, initial joy, glamour, and glitz dissipate very quickly. Negative press can have all kinds of impacts on rookies, but they all seem to perform very well during the current season.

Knowing which ones are currently the best can help you in many different ways, and all the information on the internet can be confusing. Therefore, whether you’re a regular online casino visitor, or you just like to keep up with the news, there will be some useful information for you below!

Jalen Suggs

To the surprise of many fans, Suggs was picked in the 5th spot in the draft lottery by Orlando Magic. Even though his performance in the previous NCAA March Madness tournament was outstanding, he didn’t take the expected spot in the draft.

Suggs is built for an NBA guard considering his 200lb and 6’5”. We saw Orlando Magic waving the “white flag” when they traded Aaron Gordon to Denver Nuggets, Evan Fournier to Boston Celtics, and Nikola Vucevic to Chicago Bulls. Suggs had very average statistics after the draft pick. He averaged 14 PPG and 4.5 APG in over 30 games he played.

Evan Mobley

Mobley was selected with the 3rd pick during the draft. This 7” center was selected out of USC where he played for one year and averaged almost a double-double. He hauled in over 8.5 RPG and 16.4 PPG. In addition, in the 33 games he played for USC, he blocked almost 3 shots in each of them. After the departure of Lebron James, Cleveland is also looking to rebuild, it seems.

This player is expected to resurrect his team from the ashes of mediocrity and make it into the playoffs once again. It is expected that Mobley will get more playing time considering Kevin Love has had his one foot out the door for a couple of seasons now.

Jalen Green

Drafted 2nd overall by the Houston Rockets, Jalen Green is a young player coming from the NBA G-League. Green turned down all the offers from USC, Florida State, and Arizona and bet all on himself. He was signed by the Ignite and received a $600,000 contract while he was still very young, making him a very unique player.

Green fits all the NBA standards considering his height of 6’4”. However, he lacks strength and the size needed to deal with guards that are the same size as him. This is of course, very fixable if we take into consideration all the other champions that had very thin frames at first such as Giannis Antentokounmpo, Kevin Durant, and Steph Curry. It is expected that Green will understand that size is a very important aspect of an effective NBA player and will certainly work on it in the near future.

Cade Cunningham

Cunningham was the #1 draft pick by the Detroit Pistons, but he had a bad ankle injury at the start. He is coming from the Oklahoma State Cowboys, where he played for one season and averaged over 20 PPG. Additionally, he has an ideal body type for an NBA Forward considering he weighs 220lbs and stands at 6’6”. His game is efficient, patient, and very consistent.

Detroit Pistons really need this type of player on their side. Most of their team consists of young talented players, but they are mostly considered perimeter players. Pistons need to rely on Cunningham’s inside game.

Scottie Barnes

Barnes is a player with engine, strength, and size that allows him to do things others can’t, which is why he is the top rookie to enter this season. Weighing about 225lbs and with a height of 6’7”, he is almost a machine that can deliver awesome basketball games. Versatility and quickness are what make him a top pick.

Toronto Raptors sneaked their way into the top 5 of the draft lottery and picked Barnes as 4th. Interestingly, based on their winning percentage, the Raptors weren’t supposed to be in that position. Luckily, Barnes has very talented teammates that complement his game.


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