How To Make Sure Your New App Launch Is As Smooth As Possible

Launching a new app is a time of great anxiety as well as excitement. During this time, there are many fears that appear in our minds, as well as thoughts of future potential, but it’s important to try to remain grounded. There are still many things to consider to make sure that everything goes to plan.

If things don’t go right, you have a chance of losing a portion of your potential customers straight away and even more of a chance of generating a negative buzz surrounding the app and your business itself due to negative reviews and word of mouth. Reduce this chance by following our guide on having a smooth app launch and asking yourself these important questions.

Is Your App Ready?
This might seem like a pointless question, but it’s more important today than ever. There are thousands of instances where unfinished apps have been released purely to meet a deadline. While it can be frustrating for both you and those that are looking forward to using your app, sometimes delays are worthwhile. Knowing when to release your mobile app is essential, and it will be much easier to deal with the criticism of a late launch, especially if your app turns out to be worth the wait, as opposed to releasing on time and the app failing in the eyes of your users. Create a checklist of all of the features you want the app to launch with, and make sure it’s complete before you commit to a launch.

How Does Your App Compare To Competitors?
While it’s important to check this way before you release your app, you should have a good idea of what your competitors are doing when you decide to launch. Doing your research into what your competitors are offering customers and the price points for their apps is important to help you offer something that customers will prefer over others. You can even check how well these competitor apps are doing in their relevant app stores and even read up on both positive and negative reviews to see what things you can do to improve your app, as well as what mistakes you can try to avoid.

Is Your App Secure For Customers?
One of the most important things to think about when releasing a new app is making sure that it’s secure. As an app developer, you should have been making sure to test for security vulnerabilities throughout the entire process, and even if you have been doing this, there are very few reasons not to try out multiple methods where possible. For a rigorous security test before you launch, check out ForAllSecure’s guide to fuzzing, which will help you to identify specific vulnerabilities by sending random or unexpected inputs to your app, attempting to confuse and ultimately crash the software. These crashes and errors will reveal these vulnerabilities and allow you to fix them before you launch.

Do You Have A Marketing Plan?
When you launch your app, you’re going to need to make sure you have a good marketing plan in place; otherwise, nobody is going to know about your new app, and the whole launch could be seriously underwhelming. You need to create a strong marketing plan to guide you in the creation of quality content and also the scheduling of informative and eye-catching social media posts across relevant platforms. This marketing plan should be created to cover the entire development and the run-up to launch, too, as you’ll want to create some buzz about your new app so that people are ready to download it as soon as it is released.

Have You Done Enough Testing?
As well as testing your security, you’ll also want to ensure you’ve been testing the overall features of the app itself. Releasing a buggy version of your app is going to look really bad for your business. Of course, it’s important to remember that most software launches with a few undetected bugs here and there. Unfortunately, the users often find these, which is why beta and alpha testing stages are highly recommended. An alpha test should be very limited and will be done by testers within your business, whether that’s a dedicated QA team or generally everyone within the company, while a beta test tends to be the ideal time to get some good data on errors and bugs from the end-user.

Do You Have A Way For Customers To Give Feedback?
Keep in mind that launch day is not the end goal of the release of your new app. If anything, it’s the start of something new. Regardless of how well your initial launch goes, you’re going to want to have a way for your users to provide you with useful feedback on their experience using your app. Customer feedback is so important for any business, as it provides you with a way to identify any changes you need to make to your service and can even alert you to certain errors. It also allows you to engage with customers, thanking them for positive feedback and offering assurances in the face of the negative.

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