What is a Bong and How to Properly Use One

By Allen Brown

Marijuana has many benefits that scientists have discovered over the previous decades. There are various ways to get the benefits of Cannabis through pills, oils, and more commonly, smoking. Some people enjoy rolling the leaves and smoking them, while others use bongs to get a cleaner and more satisfying experience. If you do not know how or why bongs are one of the most popular ways to smoke cannabis, then you’ve come to the right place.

1- What is a Bong?

Bongs have been around for centuries. In fact, many sources say that this widely known tool was named after a Thai bamboo hollowed pipe that was used to smoke herbs. People specifically use bongs to smoke cannabis or marijuana. The most basic definition of a bong is a pipe that is used to cool down smoke produced when cannabis is burned.

The pipe has two openings. One opening is for the cannabis to sit in and burn and a mouthpiece which a person uses to inhale the smoke. In between these openings, there is water that acts as a cooling system resulting in a cool, smooth smoke that creates a better smoking experience for the smoker. After a bong is used, it needs to be cleaned to ensure there is mold. You can get extremely ill if you do not consistently clean your bong. You can inhale mold or microorganisms that live in tepid water left in the pipe for a long time.

2- Different Types of Bongs

While the concept of a bong is common all across, there are slight differences in each design which changes the overall experience of the person smoking. There are bongs with mouth-blown elaborate designs, stemless bongs, round-based, and even multi-chamber bongs. There are bongs made from glass, heavy-duty plastic, and others that are completely ceramic. These differences in material and designs ensure that you can get your desired consistency of filtered smoke. For example, a stemless bong ensures a direct airflow which makes the smoke pack a bigger punch than a bong with a longer stem.

3- How to Use one

To smoke cannabis with a bong, the materials you need are a bong, some cannabis, a little bit of water, and a lighter. You first need to fill the base with a little water. This water is going to cool down smoke so that it is cleaner and smoother by the time it reaches you. After this step, you need to pack some cannabis in the smaller opening on the side. You will cover the other opening (mouthpiece) with your mouth so that you can pull the smoke coming out, and light up the cannabis with the lighter.

After the cannabis starts burning and producing smoke, it will pass in the form of bubbles through the water which cools it down. Then you pull in the smoke through your mouth. You then repeat this until the cannabis you put is completely used.

4- What to Look for in a Bong

If you are just beginning in the world of cannabis and marijuana, then a simple round-based or beaker-based bong may be the best option for you. It gives you a great smoking experience without any overcomplications. The design is easy to use, and you can get a clean satisfying smoke. If you know your way around bongs, then you can start experimenting with other designs that give you a stronger effect.

Using a bong is going to ensure that the smoke you are taking into your lungs is not chockfull of toxins and tar since the smoke is cooled down by the water. Now that you got a full picture of what a bong is and how to use one properly, you should start looking at the different designs and materials offered. Investing in a good-quality bong is going to change your entire smoking adventure.


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