How Old Tech Is Making A Comeback

Fashion trends are cyclical, and technology is not immune. You may have noticed that some older tech is making its way back into use, even though it seemed like society had moved on a long time ago. There is a very good reason why older technology seems to stick around, so let’s find out why.


In an age where everything is turning digital, you may be surprised to find out that Polaroid cameras are making a return. Digital cameras made these old devices obsolete almost twenty years ago. Unfortunately, the introduction of the smartphone meant that these digital devices also became obsolete not long after.

However, there has been an outcry from photography lovers that want a higher resolution image than the ones they can capture on their phones. Instead of choosing to use a digital camera, these enthusiasts have gone right back to the Polaroid era. These cameras combine the older technology and larger images with the instant nature of smartphone images.

Music Tapes

The tape arrived shortly after the vinyl player and was quickly favoured among music lovers for its compact size and ability to record songs from the radio. These were swiftly replaced by
CDs, which had the same capabilities but could store more music, but that hasn’t stopped them from trying to make a comeback.

A few years ago, music lovers brought vinyl back into the mainstream in an attempt to keep physical media alive, and they did so with great success. The next natural step beyond this is to bring back tapes, which is why you may have recently seen a few of these in the shops. Whether this will be a successful comeback remains to be seen, but expect to see tape decks around for a few years at least.

Fax Machines

It may seem as if fax machines were removed from offices a long time ago; however, you will still find that they get regular uses, especially in Japan and Germany. While computers have given us the ability to send instant messages via email and text, cybersecurity is still an issue.

Many offices choose to send important details through a fax machine rather than risking it on an open network. You can receive an instant notification that your fax has been received, and fax is seen as a legal way to communicate, whereas email is not.

Older Smartphones

Smartphones are now so engrained in society that you will find it difficult to function without one. These devices can be extremely expensive; however, you cannot afford to be left behind. That is why people are now choosing to get their phones from a second-hand iPhone store. Companies like WeSellTek provide smartphones at a reasonable price, so you may never see some older models of smartphones go out of style. They also refurbish IPads and phones too.


You may find it ridiculous that some older tech sticks around in the modern era. However, at least now you have a good understanding as to why this is the case.

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