How To Create a Professional Backdrop for Filming Promo Videos

Once, businesses could reach consumers with print ads in newspapers and magazines. As technology has changed, popular advertising venues have also evolved, prompting businesses to invest in promo videos.

People may view promo videos during television programs or on social media sites. Companies also put videos on their business websites, enabling customers to learn about their products when shopping online. A compelling promo video is a powerful sales tool, and you must have a professional backdrop for your videos. Let’s explore how to create a professional backdrop for your next video.

Work with video production experts.

Video production experts produce various videos, including company, training, and promotional videos. Working with a video production company ensures professionals guide your project through every step of production. Their experts clarify your target audience, develop a story and suitable video content, and film a video designed to appeal to potential customers.

When you work with a video company, they’ll handle the logistics. That means you won’t have to create a suitable backdrop on your own. Your video company will create a set in a film studio or identify a suitable location that fits your video’s content. Their lighting, sound, and film crews ensure they capture professional visual and audio footage, and they’ll even look after hiring actors. Their experts can add background music and special effects during editing, ensuring you have a professional video you can use for your video marketing strategy.

Consider your products.

Product videos should feature items you sell. Auto dealerships will feature vehicles while clothing stores will highlight the latest fashions, and these products should influence your background. For example, you may want an ad for a fuel-efficient hybrid vehicle to show it driving by a gas station without stopping to fill up.

Consider your products when choosing a background for your online plant store. Plant stores feature multiple types of houseplants and outdoor plants, and a great way to appeal to buyers is to highlight each plant in a suitable environment. Suppose you want to make a sales video featuring cactus plants. You might consider using hot, arid climates, such as a desert.

You may also want to emphasize suitable indoor environments for featured plants. Suppose you want to highlight plants that help you sleep at night. You could feature jasmine, lavender, and snake plants in a bedroom set, showing a person sleeping peacefully. A product video for herbs might use a kitchen backdrop to emphasize the practical benefits of growing fresh herbs at home.

Weed out distractions.

The National Library of Medicine reports that up to 16.5 percent of the population struggles with sensory processing issues. People with sensory overload have trouble processing information when one or more of their senses is overwhelmed. Even people without sensory overload may find videos distracting if they have too many things happening on screen or the music’s too loud.

Carefully consider each item included in your backdrop. Unnecessary items may detract from your products rather than enhance them. Some videos opt to fade out to darkness while lighting up a feature item in the center, ensuring viewers focus on that single item. Others may use colors to elicit specific emotions. Suppose you want to convince consumers that adding snake plants to their bedrooms will help them sleep better. Choosing a soothing blue background will be more effective than featuring a bedroom with bold red patterns. Supplemental items can support or detract from your message. For example, you won’t want to show a TV in the bedroom because it suggests lying in bed watching TV instead of sleeping.

Working with a video production company is a great way to ensure you have a professional backdrop for your promo videos. You can also consider your products and weed out distracting elements, ensuring you create a backdrop that supports your video’s message.


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