This Easter season, get more value and benefits by shopping from LG branded shops

The Easter season is normally a time for family members, professional colleagues and other loved ones to create time for each other, share meals together and generally, to create and have memorable experiences that they’ll look back on after this season.

The fact that the Easter holiday falls right in the middle of the month when people’s (and households’) budgets are tight and disposable incomes in short supply has meant that some families and their loved ones make do with the bare minimum in terms of food, refreshments and general entertainment.

This year however, LG Electronics has decided to give its brand loyalists and customers something to smile about when buying various products and items from its branded shops across the country.

In a consumer campaign dubbed ‘Celebrate Pasaka na LG’ running during this Easter Season, consumers doing their shopping from any LG branded shops and partner shops and supermarkets – such as Carrefour, Opalnet, Naivas, and Hotpoint – stand to receive more value and benefits, over and above what they had hoped or bargained for.

And here’s what the consumer promo offers buyers of LG items. For every product purchased at the mentioned shops, customers are guaranteed free delivery, free installation, and 2-year warranty period. This is not all – the consumers are also assured of quality products that can be paid for through various payment methods – be it cash, cheque or via the various digital payment services currently available in Kenya.

Then there is the massive discounts on various items and products – from LG TVs; refrigerators; washing machines; to microwave ovens.

This being a season where we all like to be together while sharing enjoyable meals with our loved ones close by, one kitchen that stands out for from the list of those with discounted prices is the LG NeoChef microwave which can really come in handy and be a helpful companion while preparing our favourite foods in the kitchen. The 42L LG NeoChef microwave is currently on offer for Kshs 27,495 (with a massive Kshs 3,500 slashed off from the price); 23L version is going for Kshs 19,995 (after a Kshs 2,000 discount was effected on the initial price; while the 20L NeoChef LG microwave can be grabbed for Kshs 17,995 (after Kshs 2,500 was slashed from the price as part of the ‘Celebrate Pasaka na LG’ promo).

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