For free delivery, shop from LG branded outlets and partner supermarkets

It’s an all too familiar tale. You and your household decide that it’s time to buy an important item to add to your household wares. All this in an effort to upgrade and spruce up the look of your house. So the next obvious step is to either to go online (via your smartphone, PC or tablet to your preferred brand’s online shop for example LG’s online brandshop) or to a physical outlet and then select what suits your needs, that’s according to your favourite brand, quality of the item, and ultimately, the price.

Once you’ve selected the item(s), and made the required payment, the next huddle then becomes how to get the item(s) to your house, affordably and in their perfect form and condition, the same way they were carefully packaged then dispatched from the shopping outlet.

How and the costs related with transporting (mainly bulky) household items from the shopping outlet to customer’s homes has been a recurring challenge for families acquiring new items or those upgrading from older to advanced models of items.

But to take away this headache and ensure shoppers have a peace of mind after making their purchases – instead of worrying about how the items will get to their homes and in what state – LG Electronics has this Easter Season introduced a free delivery service for customers.

In a consumer campaign dubbed ‘Celebrate Pasaka na LG’ running during this Easter Season, consumers doing their shopping from any of the LG branded shops (found at TRM, Adlife Plaza, Kenrail Towers in Nairobi; and Palm Breeze in Mombasa) and partner outlets and supermarkets – such as Carrefour, Opalnet, Naivas, and Hotpoint – will be delighted to hear that their items will be delivered free of charge to their doorstep(s) courtesy of LG Electronics.

And this is not all that LG Electronics has lined up for its customers this Easter Season. For every product purchased at the mentioned shops, customers also get free installation services (for electronic items), 7-day return policy (for faulty items) and 2-year warranty period.

Last but not least is the unimaginable and massive discounts offered on various items and products – from LG TVs; refrigerators; washing machines; to microwave ovens.

With all the items, discounts and resultant benefits being offered by LG Electronics, why not dash to any of the participating outlets and not let the opportunity pass you by?

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