The most useful apps and websites to use for your trip to Thailand

Are you about to take a trip to Thailand and need advice on which App to download to make your experience unforgettable? Here’s a list of the Apps and websites you should definitely use.

(Top image: Apps to use in Thailand). The best offline maps is an application that allows you to download maps from all over the world and then use them without activating mobile data.

All search for streets or places to visit on can be saved, so it will also be easier to calculate the route from one place to another.

Another exciting feature is that you can see the reviews made by users who booked through when you search for hotels. If you click on the stars below the hotel name, you can open the page of the hotel in question and book a room.

The box with the binoculars shows you the attractions nearby, how to get there from where you are, and the reviews obtained.

Get around by public transport by using BTS SkyTrain, Bangkok MRT, Grab

If you find yourself in Bangkok and want to avoid the constant traffic that paralyzes the city, especially during rush hour, the fastest way is the SkyTrain, also called BTS.

Thanks to the official application of the city of Bangkok (BTS SkyTrain), you can:

  • Consult the map of the Silom line, of the one called Sukhumvit, the connection between Phayathai station and Suvarnabhumi airport, and the route followed by the two subway lines (MRT);

  • Have access to all the information on individual tickets, daily tickets, and season tickets;

  • Have traffic information under control, both on the streets and the number of people taking the Sky Train;

  • View bus routes;

  • Have access to current promotions;

  • Consult information on the city’s main monuments and news and do some online shopping.

In addition to these services, the application also allows you to view the city’s public parking lots and their opening hours.

Another helpful way to visit Bangkok is the subway. The downloadable app is called “Bangkok MRT”. During the last two years, a second purple subway line was built, which from the north of Bangkok (Tao Poon) reaches Klong Bangphai – Nothanburi.

On the first screen that will appear after opening the application, you can enter the name of the departure and arrival station. Then, when you have selected the two stops, you will see a map with all the stops it will make and the trip’s price.

(Transport in Thailand).

If you’ve been to Bangkok before, you probably know that finding a free cab to take you to your destination without negotiating the price can be very frustrating, especially if you’re in the city’s more touristy areas. However, thanks to Grab, there is an opportunity to be picked up by a cab simply by adding your location (somewhat similar to Uber).

You can pay the driver with cash (in that case, the price is a bit higher) or through the app with a credit card. The more bookings you make, the more points you earn and the more discounts you get on your next ride.

Despite being a website and not an app, is an essential resource for traveling to Thailand. Thanks to this website, you can plan all your trips within Thailand and to neighboring countries such as Malaysia, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, China, Singapore, Vietnam, Philippines, India, Sri Lanka, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand, and Japan.

The modes of transportation offered by are plane, train, bus, and ferry. When you have chosen the place of departure and arrival, the dates of travel, and the number of people, you will see all the transportation possibilities with which you can reach the chosen destination; the schedules and the time required, the price of the tickets and the name of the companies that perform that route.

You can buy tickets online with your credit card. Bus and ferry tickets for travel to Thailand can be printed directly after purchase, while you can purchase train tickets on the portal, after which one of their employees will go to the Bangkok train station to collect your tickets. Before leaving, you will have to go to the office and pick up your train tickets.

The best sites for online entertainment

Are you stuck in traffic in Bangkok, standing in line at a museum, or just in your hotel room and want to have some fun with your smartphone? There are apps and websites for online gambling like that allow you to find the best online casinos in Thailand or make sports bets most efficiently and safely possible.

Not all gambling sites operate legitimately in Thailand, but this platform recommends online gambling sites in Thailand that are fully licensed and legal in their jurisdiction. Also, this website only offers online casino listings with promotions, bonuses and free bets with fair terms and conditions.

Lazada: The Amazon of Southeast Asia

Lazada in Thailand is considered a substitute for the famous Amazon.

Founded in 2011, Lazada began expanding as an e-commerce site in Thailand in 2014. Once you have downloaded the app on your cell phone, you can access various items, from home appliances to jewelry.

The app works well, and deliveries are made reasonably quickly; however, many items for sale (even though you choose the English version) have descriptions and information written only in Thai.

Wise and XE Currency: How to send money abroad

XE Currency is an application that works as a real-time currency converter. There are currently two versions: a free version with ads and a paid version without ads.

In addition to no advertising banners, the paid version also offers the advantage of seeing in real-time the conversion rate of 20 currencies at a time (in the free version, there are only 10).

Wise is primarily a peer-to-peer payment method. That means that the fees to send money to Thailand (or from Thailand) will be much lower than what you would pay when making a traditional bank transfer.

In short, by creating an account, you will be able to send money to Thailand without paying exorbitant wire transfer fees.


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