Free installation services by LG Electronics: And why it’s important to you as a consumer   

Consumer electronics LG Electronics is currently running a consumer promo dubbed ‘Celebrate Pasaka na LG’. As part of the campaign, consumers making their purchases from any of the LG branded shops (based at TRM, Adlife Plaza, Kenrail Towers in Nairobi, and Palm Breeze in Mombasa) and partner outlets and supermarkets – such as Carrefour, Opalnet, Naivas, and Hotpoint – benefit from enormous discounts and other value added services.

Among the value-added services which consumers benefit from as part of the promo is the free delivery of items to customer’s homes (or office premises), 7-day return policy and 2-year warranty period.

But it should not be lost on us that after purchasing an electronics or home appliance and ensuring that the same has been delivered safely and in perfect condition (via LG’s free delivery support), the shopping journey is not yet completely done. Here is why.

Once an electronic item has been safely delivered to its final destination (either the client’s house or office premises), the next hurdle and challenge is always how to ensure that it is successfully installed and functioning, faultlessly.

Professional installation of new electronics to ensure that they function optimally without incurring faults (whether electrical or otherwise) is crucial to consumers. In the US for instance, dangerously installed household appliances and electronic devices have caused 33,000 serious injuries and accidents (including severe burns and electrical shocks) from home appliances and nearly $1 billion in property damage since 2008 according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Household appliances are the devices we use at home for domestic tasks to make life easier and less strenuous, taking over roles which would require us (or at times many people) spending long periods of valuable time on such chores. Such home appliances include washing machines, refrigerators, microwave ovens, space heaters, coffee makers, air fryers, dryers and dishwashers among others.

In view of how critical professional installation of electronics items and other home appliances is to the consumer, LG Electronics has included free installation (of purchased items from its branded outlets and partner shops) as part of the benefits customers get during the ‘Celebrate Pasaka na LG’ promo.

What this essentially means to the buyer is that once payment has been made for the selected item(s), you can then relax and have peace of mind knowing and confident in the fact that they’ll be delivered to you (free of charge) and then installed professionally by LG Electronics approved technicians (also provided for free as a value-add service to the buyer). Now, how’s that for Easter Season offer from a brand appreciating its loyal customers?

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