The solid Óscar Córdoba

Ospina has been the best Colombian goalkeeper of recent years. Whenever he is on the field, it is possible to visit to wager on his matches. However, good and reliable Colombian goalkeepers are not that uncommon. Some of the most illustrious names that kept the Colombian goal safe across the years were:

  • René Higuita;
  • Faryd Mondragón;
  • Miguel Calero;
  • and Óscar Córdoba.

The latter is a former goalkeeper who had a very long career. In fact, he played professionally between 1988 and 2009. He was the starting keeper of clubs of different countries across the world. All those squads are available at the 1xBet website to wager on.

Keeping goals safe around the world

Córdoba started his professional career in 1988 in Colombian team Atlético Nacional. One year later he moved to Deportivo Cali, which is one of the most important football teams in Colombia. All professional football matches taking place in this country can be wagered on at the website.

In 1997, after spending 9 years in Colombia and proving himself as a solid goalkeeper, Córdoba made an important leap in his career. He joined none other than Argentinian and South American giants Boca Juniors.

He was extremely successful in that squad. In fact, he helped the team to win multiple domestic competitions, two Copa Libertadores and even an Intercontinental Cup. The two former can be wagered on the 1xBet website. Those achievements caught the attention of a few European football teams.

Europe and national squad

In 2002, the keeper was ready to make the next big leap of his career. He moved to Europe to join Italian team Perugia. Punters can make live wagers on this squad by going to the website.

However, less than six months later, Turkish giants Beşiktaş set their sights on Córdoba. He spent four seasons at that club. Curiously, the Turkish derby against Fenerbahçe had two Colombian goalkeepers at the time. This is because Faryd Mondragón was the starting goalkeeper for Beşiktaş’ rival at the time. This incredible derby can also be wagered on through the 1xBet betting platform.

Between 1993 and 2006, Óscar Córdoba was also part of the Colombian national team. He helped his team to obtain an extremely important achievement in 2001. This is because he was the starting keeper of the squad that won the Copa América of that year.

Córdoba played five out of six matches in the championship. He didn’t concede a goal in any of them. The late Miguel Calero played the other contest, without conceding any goal either. It was the first time that any team won the Copa América without conceding a single goal. This makes both Calero and Córdoba legends of Colombian football.


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