How Do You Share Your Calendar in Outlook 365?

Office 365 is a great Microsoft product that has assisted many businesses in enhancing various aspects of their operations such as communication, security, innovation, and so much more. Office 365 has now adopted new features such as Calendar 365, a new way of sharing information within the business.

With this, businesses can easily schedule meetings and appointments without having to move everything around. Calendars are created in different sections, for example, one for different departments such as human resources and information technology. This promotes easy communication since the calendar can be shared with interested parties within the organization. Without further discussion, let’s look at how do you share your calendar in Outlook 365.

How Do You Share Your Calendar in Outlook 365? Start by Selecting a Calendar on Your Home Page

How do you share your calendar in Outlook 365? It is a frequent question. In this article, we are going to give you an introduction to a shared calendar in Outlook. You are going to start by selecting the sharing calendars in Outlook, which is right at the top of your home page. This will automatically give you the option to select the specific calendar you would like to choose. This then leads us to the next step.

How Do You Share Your Calendar in Outlook 365? Choose Your Calendar

After you have selected your shared calendars in Outlook, you will need to choose which calendar you wish to share. Remember how we said you could make different calendars based on which department you want to share them with? In this situation, you will choose which calendar you would like to share with different departments or people in the company.

Select the “Add” Button in the Calendar Properties Section

Now, we will move on to the next step that will be able to answer your question, “How do you share your calendar in Outlook 365?” You can do this by adding the members for sharing Outlook calendars. You are given the option of adding the person’s email address or just searching for their address in the add dialog section. Once you have found them, select the number of details you would like to share and then click the okay button.

You Have Now Successfully Shared the Outlook Calendar

Upon clicking the okay button, you will receive a message showing you have successfully shared calendars in Outlook. Your recipient will receive an invitation email, which they should accept to view the calendar.

If the process is unsuccessful, you should check the email address you entered. Maybe the individual does not belong to the Microsoft 365 group, or the email address might belong to someone who is not within the organization. By doing this, your question regarding “How do you share your calendar in Outlook 365?” will be answered.


The Outlook shared calendars feature is an important tool that has helped many businesses reach where they are now. It is a great way to share information within the organization, thus ensuring everyone is updated with all the happenings around them. There are various steps involved in sharing Outlook calendars, and we have covered them all in the above article. Read it to fully get the answer to your question: how do you share your calendar in Outlook 365?

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