LG Tone Free Earbuds: Made for ears, designed for Mother Nature

You may have heard a lot about earbuds. Indeed, people are increasingly dropping the use of the long-wired traditional earphones and adopting the use of earbuds. As a result, so many wireless earbuds have hit the market.

Of all the earbuds you may have heard of, I bet you have not heard about the magic of LG Tone Free Earbuds that are defined by great features; design, sound, Google Assistant, water-resistant, dynamic speaker unit, dual microphones, fast charging among others.

LG Tone Free Earbuds have been weighted and balanced to stay in the ear. This saves the user the inconvenience of having to adjust them from time to time. They are small enough to fit in the ear and large enough not to fall off.

People buy earbuds for two major reasons: listening to music and picking up calls. Sound is key in making this successful. When it comes to sound, LG Tone Free has no peer. The Tone Free Earbuds come with premium audio that capitalizes on meridian sound. They also come with dual microphones giving you a call clarity that is on another level.

At the same time, the ambient sound mode makes it possible for you to enjoy listening to anything you would be listening to, say music. The dynamic speaker unit gives you the bass you need in every tune you would love to listen to. The Upper MIC plays a greater role in Noise Reduction and Echo Cancelling while the Lower MIC brings Clearer Voice Pick Up a call.

An interesting feature about these earbuds is the ability to take care of your ears. The Tone Free Earbuds come with a Built-in UV LED that kills 99.9 percent of Bacteria (FN6). Independent testing shows the UVnano charging case kills 99.9 percent of bacteria on the speaker mesh of the earbuds in ten minutes while charging.

They are also encased in soft, medical-grade silicone ear gel for your convenience and peace of mind. Made with non-toxic and hypoallergenic material, these ear gels provide you with all-day confidence and comfort.

What more do you need?


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