What’s next for a fan favourite, the HUAWEI nova Y series?

In the digital age, dependable battery life is one of the most important features of a mobile device. Having a device that can withstand social media scrolling, streaming, messaging, and internet browsing is essential to the average consumer, but especially to young adults and teenagers. With ever greater demands on technology from this young generation of consumers, there is a constant battle between finding devices that can fulfil their needs and paying a price they can afford.

In the last couple of months we have launched a number of smartphones in the Nova series family. We recently launched Huawei nova 9 that is retailing at Kshs 65,999 and added another budget friendly one last month HUAWEI nova 9 SE that is retailing at Kshs 39,999 (and which we attempted to review here).  Huawei is set to release a new addition to its HUAWEI nova Y Series, a family of smartphones that has an impeccable heritage of hitting all the right notes when it comes to this young group of consumers.

Below are some of the key features to look out for the soon to launched smartphone in the market.

Fast, long-lasting, dependable charging

Huawei is a brand that is renowned for its battery technology. It has constantly brought the biggest batteries and best charging technology to the market through both its flagship and more affordable handsets.

For the next generation of the HUAWEI nova Y Series, we expect to see more of the same. When it comes to battery size, we’d expect to see something very impressive. Most flagship smartphones ship with a 4500 mAh battery, which is widely considered as a large battery, but we expect to see Huawei go beyond our imagination here and deliver something closer to 6000 mAh.

Quick charge and long-lasting battery give users the confidence that their device will withstand traveling, working, or just using at home. Additionally, we can be confident that Huawei’s intelligent power saving technology will be implemented, stretching every last possible minute of charge out of the battery. 

Wider display for easy viewing

Another key concern for the younger generation is display. For them, smartphones aren’t just tools – they’re a portal to another world of entertainment and visual storytelling. The previous generation HUAWEI nova Y Series shipped with a generous 6.5-inch HUAWEI FullView display. We can expect the newest member of the family to boost this screen estate even further, while making sure the device is still easy to hold.

Huawei has always had a focus on providing a high screen ratio, giving users the fullest picture possible of their movies, TV, social posts, and documents. We’re hoping to see more of the same with the next HUAWEI nova Y.

We also hope the next HUAWEI nova Y continues to bring unique colours and texture to match with young people’s sense of fashion as the HUAWEI nova Series has always stood out with its unique look and style. We can expect the new phone to deliver a comfortable touch, while also being drop-resistant and durable.

Finally, when it comes to screen tech, Huawei is all about protecting the eye health of consumers. So, we’d expect the screen itself to also contain features to dim light and protect users’ eyes from overexposure when watching or reading.

Fast response

One area that is particularly important to younger smartphone users is screen touch response. It might sound strange, but touch response can provide a vital advantage in mobile gaming. With that in mind, we’d expect Huawei to include multi-touch technology that gives users a faster touch response.

Similarly, privacy and security is a key concern for this group of consumers so we’d predict that the next HUAWEI Y Series device will feature fast fingerprint unlock technology that allows users to unlock their phone with just one touch.


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