Samsung unveils bespoke consumer electronics range at global showcase

Samsung Electronics has unveiled the 2022 Bespoke range of consumer electronics. The Range was unveiled at a Global event dubbed “Bespoke Home 2022” that was streamed globally from Milan, Italy. Locally, the event was viewed by luxury consumer electronics enthusiasts and interior designers.

The Bespoke Home 2022 is the second annual global showcase highlighting the latest in Samsung’s innovative home appliances. This year’s event revolved around three key themes related to expansion – of space, experience and time. Samsung highlighted how Bespoke is furthering its global reach and surpassing the boundaries of the kitchen, how life experiences are being expanded through convenience and flexibility and how Bespoke is extending the lifecycle of appliances allowing customers to enjoy Bespoke products for longer.

“Bespoke is Samsung’s line of luxury consumer electronics. At Bespoke Home 2021, we unveiled home appliances that offered customers personalization through customization, flexible functionality and connected living. We are excited to showcase how Bespoke is expanding to offer consumers new experiences in and out of the kitchen, even more connected convenience and our efforts towards sustainability,” said Samsung Electronics East Africa’s Head of Consumer Electronics Division, Sam Odhiambo.

Some of the main highlights were; the introduction of the Bespoke kitchen oven, the introduction of Smart Things Home that will allow integration of Cooking, Energy, Clothing Care, Pet Care, Air Care and Home Care. The other highlight that is especially a joy to many customers is the extension of warranty period of up to 20 years for selected core appliance components.

In addition, there was also the introduction of the Two Door Bespoke Fridge that offers even more flexible storage space and style with a modular design in a choice of stylish materials and colors so you can design your fridge your way. SpaceMax technology gives you a spacious interior with a standard 600mm depth and a total capacity of 340L and the 2-Door can easily be configured with an additional unit doubling the storage capacity to 680L. Users can also match the 2-Door with 1-Door models for true modularity adding the storage solution you need.

The predecessor, the one door Bespoke refrigerator, has done well in the Kenyan market with customers looking for electronics that match the look and feel of their home.

“We are excited about this new Bespoke range, because we are in a time where Kenyans are more conscious about the aesthetics of the Consumer electronics that they purchase and how they blend in with their furniture and overall look and feel of their home,” added Odhiambo.

Samsung will extend its Bespoke product lineup to the entire home with various product categories equipped with upgraded functions and new color options. At its core, Bespoke’s evolving designs are meant to inspire consumers to create personalized homes that truly reflect their diverse tastes and aesthetics, no matter where their home may be. With the Expansion of Space ethos, Bespoke is bringing that vision to life.

As connected experiences at home have shifted from novelty to everyday interactions, Bespoke is simplifying the connected home by bringing six smart home services together – Cooking, Energy, Clothing Care, Pet Care, Air Care and Home Care. Along with this, an updated Family Hub service coupled with enhanced AI is seamlessly bringing automated convenience into the lives of users.


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