HUAWEI Ads: How to use the platform to build your brand

If you’re a new business, you know all too well the challenges faced in building your brand in a very competitive marketplace. This is where HUAWEI Ads comes in, it offers advertisers access to a demographic not being reached by their current campaigns. Explore this service as an advertising platform that will allow you to create awareness of what you wish to promote to more than 700 million global Huawei device users.

Huawei Ads, essentially, offers you access to a communication bridge between yourself and potential customers. An extensive range of third-party and Huawei apps have already integrated the HUAWEI Ads platform into their services. For example, HUAWEI Video, HUAWEI Music, and HUAWEI Browser all support display ads, search ads and ads shown on HUAWEI AppGallery.

HUAWEI Ads delivers a broad array of mainstream ad formats. These include everything from native, banner, and rewarded ads to interstitial ads.

Reach any audience you want with the user-friendly platform available to you from HUAWEI. There are abundant traffic sources from massive entries to increase your opportunities to convert users in various scenarios. Access informative and personalised tags for comprehensive user profiling and get precise data processing to maximise the performance of your ads. In the modern marketing environment conversions-based advertising has become a primary objective. That is why the HUAWEI Ads Data Management Platform (DMP) has developed tracking functionalities, bid types and other tools to ensure your sales campaigns provide you with a high ROI.

Using HUAWEI Ads won’t break the bank either.  The platform is cost effective, and benchmarks are below industry average, translating in a lot more bang for your buck.


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