Huawei partners with Eliud Kipchoge in new CSR campaign

Huawei Technologies has linked up with Kenya’s elite athlete Eliud Kipchoge, who has also been billed as the greatest marathon runner in history, in a new inspiring campaign designed to educate and motivate young people on their life journeys.

The campaign aims to instill in people the key values which are key to achieving success, namely: perseverance, dedication and agility.

(TOP: Eliud Kipchoge poses pensively during a training session).

Speaking on the campaign, Kipchoge said: “We persevere in training to get better as we all have our ups and downs. With dedication we become more innovative getting better each day, individually and collectively. With perseverance, dedication and agility, we can pursue our goals and become champions in our worlds.”

Sharing his personal story at the launch of the campaign, Steve Kamuya, Huawei Kenya Director of Enterprise Business, who has risen up through the ranks at the firm over his career spanning 17 years, said: “The success I have personally achieved in my work, and of the company in Kenya overall, has been due to applying Eliud Kipchoge’s wisdom – persevering to overcome challenges, and dedicating ourselves non-stop to developing the best technologies, people and service for Kenya”.

His experience echoes that of Maureen Mwaniki, the Vice-Director of Programs Management, whose 9 years at the company has seen the founding of the Women in Technology Huawei initiative, working tirelessly to inspire and mentor young girls and women to join the fast-growing technology industry.

Ms. Mwaniki explained that the campaign comes at an opportune time when more girls and women are getting into the ICT professional space.

“It will remind girls in particular not to be afraid when they face challenges, but to face up to them, overcome them day-by-day and find partners to help them succeed,” she noted and further added that having operated in Kenya for over twenty years, employed thousands of Kenyans and trained tens of thousands more, Huawei was delighted to work with a Kenyan legend on the campaign: “Huawei strongly believes technology is the path to a successful future for Kenyan youth and is committed to doing more to inspire and support them for decades to come”.

In just thirty years, Huawei has grown to serve more than three billion people globally and is a key ICT infrastructure provider powering the incredible success story of Kenya’s Silicon Savannah and Digital Economy.

The technology firm has been dedicated to the growth of the ICT industry and Kenya’s development for over twenty years helping to build communication networks reaching almost every Kenyan with trade, health, education and entertainment services, as well as making large social contributions in environment and poverty alleviation and training over 10,000 people together with 60+ academic and other partners. The company has persevered to overcome challenges to maintain the networks even in remote areas of the country and during COVID-19, and innovates to develop solutions that meet Kenyan’s needs.

The campaign video is viewable on Huawei’s social media channels, that is Twitter and Facebook.


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