OPPO partners with NGO to set up computer lab in secondary school in South Africa

OPPO South Africa has partnered with the Community Chest to celebrate Mandela Day 2022 with the unveiling of the much anticipated, fully equipped, Computer Laboratory at Kwabhekilanga Secondary School based in Johannesburg. The Computer Lab, fitted with high-level technology including computers and laptops, will enable students to immerse themselves in the digital world and acquire new skills that can be used in their future career life.

As OPPO continues to invest locally, the brand has also collaborated with Community Chest to further pursue its Strength in Numbers theme which aims at aligning towards the 2030 NDP Plan and SDG Goals that support and empower access to equal, adequate education.

“With digitalisation rapidly impacting the world of work, it is imperative that we create affordable access to tech-learning opportunities within the foundational phase of school education. By upskilling our youth in technology, they are future-proofing their careers, while we close the growing digital divide.” says Avashnee Moodley, Head of Marketing of OPPO South Africa.

The local digital divide continues to limit the access of affordable, stable internet connection and impacts the growth of the country’s human capital. OPPO has remained committed to bridging this gap, by offering a variety of tiered, affordable smartphones enabled with 5G technology and world-class operating systems, while Community Chest introduced Strength in Numbers to leverage the network of OPPO to local schools in need.

67 Minutes make a difference that will last a lifetime

The refurbishment of the Computer Lab at the Kwabhekilanga Secondary School will now allow for more than 1,500 students to learn, play and explore with various technologies on a weekly basis. Students will be guided by teachers as new programs are being implemented to ensure greater levels of computer competency and ICT skills development which is targeted towards strengthening the digital literacy skills amongst learners and future leaders.

”Education is close to our hearts and with the changing trends related to the digital economy and technology being at the forefront of education, the Community Chest is proud to partner with OPPO South Africa. We know this investment will enhance the lives of the beneficiaries that will have access to this beautiful computer lab. This project is in clear alignment with our education key deliverable and we look forward to a lifelong partnership with OPPO as we change lives, investing in many projects similar to this.” says Eltena Rethman, Marketing and Communication department at The Community Chest.

South African youth are powerful players in the emerging digital economy and with guidance have the opportunity to further invest in local infrastructure that can enable first-world capabilities for South Africa. This is just a small step in a greater journey towards empowering the youth to unlock their full potential, as OPPO and Community Chest continue to work together towards creating affordable access to education, enhanced through technology.


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