The weird case of Byron Castillo

The nationality of some football players has been disputed on some occasions. The website is the best online bookmaker to wager on the best footballers from the entire world.

The place where a player was born basically determines if he can play for a certain national team or not. Sometimes losing national teams try to protest when they are defeated if they suspect that the opposing side had a player from a different nation. Whenever great matches between national squads are played, don’t forget to visit 1xBet and try the incredible wagering opportunities.

Ecuador or Colombia?

Ecuador secured a spot in the 2022 FIFA World Cup after finishing fourth in the qualifying round from South America. There were other teams who barely missed the competition after not getting enough points. Whenever these highly exciting qualifying rounds are being played, you can download 1xBet mobile version and use it to wager on those matches. The teams who were left out of the championship by a small margin were:

  • Paraguay;
  • Colombia;
  • and Chile.

Despite finishing four points away from a qualifying spot, the Chileans apparently discovered a problem with an Ecuadorian player: Byron Castillo. According to the Chileans, they had documents that stated that Castillo was born not in Ecuador but in Colombia. As such, he would have been unable to play for the Ecuadorian national squad. You can download the mobile version of 1xBet for free, and use it to wager on all the national squads from South America.

A dismissed process

Chile played against Ecuador in home and away games during the qualifiers. Ecuador won the match in Santiago, while the match in Quito ended in a draw. As such, if the complaint presented by the Chileans was successful, they could theoretically be awarded four more points. This was because Castillo played in those two matches. The website can be used for making in-play wagers whenever there are interesting FIFA World Cup qualifying matches.

The Chileans stated that many years prior, Ecuadorian team Emelec had already rejected signing Castillo due to problems with his documents. However, the player and the Ecuadorian football federation defended themselves stating that this was only a confusion. They also argued that they had many documents that Byron Castillo was indeed an Ecuadorian national. Whenever the national football team from Ecuador plays, you can visit 1xBet and wager on all its matches.

Despite protesting at FIFA, the football governing body dismissed the arguments presented by Chile. As such, Chile missed the FIFA World Cup in Qatar, and Ecuador traveled to it without problems.


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