EduOnline, a new e-learning startup, seeks to boost access to online education

Developed and operated by LianzSly, EduOnline is an affordable web-based e-learning platform that innovatively meets students, parents, and schools needs by offering a unique online learning experience.

Birthed during the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, EduOnline caters to learners who sign-up on mobile or PC to access unlimited e-learning resources such as revision papers and notes, self-marking quizzes, creative articles, among other resources to meet their e-learning needs. The platform lets learners easily track their e- learning performance via a dashboard and gain insights on areas that need improving.

“Unlike other e-learning platforms, EduOnline caters to the emotional needs of the learner through its interactive dashboard that students can use to share experiences, creative articles, and ask and respond to questions from other learners on the platform on topics of mutual interest,” said Alex Adoro, founder of LianzSly.

The platform is also designed to address parental concerns on online safety by giving parents and guardians the option to create an account to monitor their child’s e-learning progress as well as limiting interactions to students in the same grade, he added.

So far, the platform has amassed a good number of sign-ups and it’s continually innovating to cater to all e-learning needs. It’s school finder tool creates online directories for schools to publish their profiles to increase visibility and growth while helping schools reduce costs of maintaining individual school websites.

With the National examinations coming up, EduOnline is currently running a free-sign up campaign.


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