Teen shares that consequences of having a Fake ID don’t outweigh the privileges

In a 2014 New York Times article by Douglas Quenqua, one of the interviewees confessed that she did not need a fake ID to start with or that she was a drinker. It was all because of peer pressure and wanting to belong since it seems like every minor has one. To have a fake ID in possession for American teens is like a rite of passage or a status symbol. According to the article, the advanced features of IDs are expensive to hammer out which is why the previously mentioned interviewee said she used more funds buying fake IDs than on purchasing hard drinks. Counsels and students admit, though, that the consequences associated with owning a counterfeit ID do not outweigh the privileges and benefits of having one.

In the same article, another interviewee shared that everyone he knows from his school has a fake ID. They do not consider having one as risky because it is widely practiced. They assume possessing a fake ID poses no serious offenses. The interviewee also shared that he is confident of having one and is not fearful of the possible consequences since he argues that he is not using it for terrorism or some grave offense.

The reported costly features in 2014 are now available and much cheaper. The demand for fake IDs is high as usual, and so fake ID producers are stepping up their game. Websites for fake Ids like idgod.com exist. Yes, you read that right! Websites, meaning there are several of them. You need to find the authentic ones and follow the steps in ordering your ID. The next thing you know, your fake ID is delivered to your doorstep. The process is hassle-free. As the years pass, technology advances, and so do you. So expect fake ID-making equipment today to produce IDs that mimic the characteristics of legit identification cards or documents. That is why they are nearly impossible to detect with the naked eye and basic ID scanners cannot easily recognize them as fake. The only way the cardholder will be in trouble is through thorough scrutiny of the ID and if high-quality, state-of-the-art scanners check them. Otherwise, they can easily fool anyone, even authorities.

Indeed, many fake ID customers now buy online, just as they do their food and other necessities. But you have to know which sites are scammers and which are legit. To spot fraudulent sites, consider the following:
1. The fake ID does not have a hologram like in driver’s licenses or passports. Holograms are one of the features of legit IDs, and if fake IDs do not have this, it increases the risk of getting caught and having grave consequences.

2.The fake ID does not contain the photo of the cardholder. Without a photo, an ID is easy to spot as counterfeit.
3. The materials used are not the same as authentic IDs. Law enforcers and bouncers know the appearance, texture, and form of authentic IDs. When the site produces substandard materials for the fake ID, then the site is a scam.

A legitimate site known for its authentic fake IDs is IDgod.com. They are sure to pass the standards of legit IDs. Customers have been ordering from this site since 2014.

Important Things to Remember When Ordering a Fake ID from IDGod
1. As much as possible, give a fake address or name. If you are purchasing a fake ID, then fake your identity too. This way, your real identity will not have any criminal records if you get caught.
2. Make sure you use the fake ID for harmless purposes. Having a fake ID in itself is a great risk. But make sure to use it for harmless reasons, like entering a bar or something like that.
3. Avoid flaunting your ID. Hide it as much as you can. You should not show it off to others because you might unconsciously display it to someone who might get you in trouble.


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