Absa picks Huawei solution to power seamless digital experience for customers

Huawei Technologies and Absa Kenya have come together to build a new platform to drive it’s corporate digital transformation program.

The deal involves establishing a software defined wide area network (SD WAN), hailed as the next generation technology and service designed to connect the bank’s branches, promote smart branch upgrades by constructing a powerful network based on cost-effectiveness, agility, flexibility, scalability, security, and compliance. It will support the bank’s 83 branches and 212 ATMs as well it’s internet and mobile banking services.

The move is anchored on Absa Kenya’s digital transformation process that includes building a cloud-based network between its headquarters and branches to meet its service expansion and digital innovation requirements.

Moses Okudi, the Absa Kenya CIO, said in a statement that as the bank’s business expands, it needs a suitable network infrastructure. The new intelligent cloud-based branch network will serve as a critical foundation.

“We strive to offer our customers a realtime, seamless digital experience to enable them to bank and transact in a seamless manner at the convenience of wherever they are,” said Okudi.

To kick off the digital transformation program, Huawei and Absa Bank Kenya’s technical teams conducted in-depth discussions and surveys and assessed the bank’s technological requirements and digital strategy in building the customized solution.

The resulting powerful branch network is expected to promote the intelligent upgrade of Absa Bank and evolve them into intelligent customer experience centers with traffic steering capability.

Facing the ever-changing customer needs over the past few years, Absa Bank regards “digital enablement” as one of the company’s key strategies. While accelerating enterprise innovation, Absa works closely with partners to accelerate digital transformation, provide convenient and high-quality innovative services for employees and customers, and further enable the creation of a digital Africa.

The diversified requirements of bank users and physical isolation brought by COVID-19 epidemic have accelerated the digital transformation of commercial banks. As a result, “mobile first” has become a top topic in the industry.

Mobile money has become an essential way to digital transformation. As consumers embrace mobile banking, digital channels absorb many traditional banking transactions.


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