The realme C-series: Kenya’s reigning best-seller smartphones

The world’s fastest-growing smartphone brand, realme, is recording massive sale of its C-series smartphone range in Kenya highlighting a growing demand for these affordable entry-level devices.

These handsets with premium features including a 50MP camera, backed by a powerful 5,000mAh battery have gained significant ground in the market, thanks to their pocket friendly prices. Which has made them very popular among first time smartphone owners.

realme Kenya PR Managerand& Marketing Manager, Mildred Agoya said these handsets have a high potential of helping the company meets its new growth objectives and cement its position in the market.

“C-series is the most sold of our smartphone models in Kenya. Our strategic advantage has been provision of more value in handsets for the lowest budget which is helping drive sales of the C-series. We see their rising popularity bolstering our new growth strategy,” said Agoya.

Over the next three years, realme plans to create an additional 15 markets with 1-million smartphone shipments under its ‘Market Cultivation’ strategy.

Realme C35 is the latest in the series to launch in the market and is the first phone in the country to feature an FHD screen and was dubbed the most stylish smartphone of the year by our customers.

Realme C35 runs on a Unisoc Tiger 616 chipset paired with 4GB of RAM and 128GB UFS 2.2 storage.

In this series, consumers have an array of handsets to choose from all coming with varying processing speeds to suit different use cases- sports, entertainment, content creation and entrepreneurship. In this line, there is a number of models including  c11 2021,  c25Y and C2Y are in the market- all 4G powered.

“Very soon  C30s will be launching in the market further cementing our position in the market and our resolve of  supporting youth to embrace their true selves and pursue their inner passions,” said Agoya.

The Internation Data Corporation in ts latest report shows 4G devices now make up 73.9% of all smartphone shipments in Africa, followed by 3G (18.5%) and 5G (7.6%).  Which is another major factor affecting our sales apart from the affordability of our smartphones.


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