How to Make Your Work Easier with JavaScript Spreadsheet from Handsontable

If your application requires functionality for data aggregation, manipulation and visualization, you can choose from two options. It is possible to create your own data grid from scratch or integrate your app with a ready-to-use solution such as the JavaScript spreadsheet from Handsontable that will still provide you with options for customization to adjust it to the specific needs of your project.

What Is JavaScript Spreadsheet?

A JavaScript Spreadsheet is a special type of a data grid written in JavaScript allowing users to manipulate data presented in a tabular format. Many such spreadsheets resemble the ones offered by Microsoft Excel since this program was a long-term leader on the market and many people are adjusted to its functionality and user interface.

Even if the features of a JavaScript spreadsheet are particularly close to the ones provided by Excel, these are still different forms of data grids. JavaScript spreadsheets are offered in the form of a library or API for integration with other applications. JavaScript spreadsheet from Handsontable is designed specifically to add extra functionality to the apps developed in pure JavaScript, React, Angular, Vue or Vue3.

JavaScript Spreadsheet from Handsontable

The Handsontable data grid has a special focus on seamless performance even in the case of massive data sets. With its functionality, you will be able to manipulate data within a table in any desired way.

Rows and columns can be moved, frozen or hidden and they also support virtualization. Columns can be sorted, grouped and filtered while their headers and menus can be customized. Rows also have changeable headers. On top of that, there are functions for trimming, pre-population and sorting for rows.

Cell manipulation is another level of work provided by Handsontable. Cells can have a variety of types including passwords, dates, time and checkboxes, however, you do not have to be limited by the inbuilt cell formats as it is possible to create your own types to fit the needs of your data. Furthermore, cells can be rendered and merged and there are also special cell validators and editors.

The possibilities for working with data offered by Handsontable include even more options such as commenting, selecting or summary viewing.

Expand Functionality of Your Application

The JavaScript spreadsheet from Handsontable already has everything most applications may need for displaying data, albeit, it is still possible to make it even more powerful.

First of all, developers can work on their own plugins for this API, which is particularly useful for niche organizations with unique requirements. In addition to it, the Handsontable data grid can be easily integrated with Handsontable HyperFormula, which can add necessary functionality for efficient calculations. The number of mathematical operations of HyperFormula is constantly growing while you can easily create your custom formulas.


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