iHub Nairobi to screen ‘Bangarang’, a movie about 2007 post-election violence on Mashujaa Day Eve

Made possible by the 2020 KFC Film Empowerment Programme, the Internationally-acclaimed Bangarang is set to Screen, and be Discussed, at the 4th monthly #WeWatchKenyan Party, on Mashujaa Day Eve (Wednesday 19th October 2022), at iHub Nairobi (6.00pm-10.00pm), and simulcast on ZOOM (7.00pm – 9.30pm) to all 195 Countries & Territories worldwide.

Inspired by true events, Bangarang is set in Kisumu during the 20017 post-election violence, capturing the frustrations of youth and the evils of police brutality in Kenya.

The film’s Kisumu-based writer and director – Odongo Robbie Wuodcaro, says: “I wrote this Story in 2017, from my very personal experiences. With every election since 2007, I have been in the middle of post-election violence at my home in Manyatta, near Kondele.  In 2007, I lost friends who were shot by police. In 2013, while trying to avoid the chaos, I had a near-fatal accident that left me scarred. Then in 2017, when Baby Pendo was beaten by police, I was working nightshift at Aga Khan Hospital. I saw her in ICU, before she succumbed. I have always been inspired by Sarafina, which educated the world on the evils of apartheid. So, as a filmmaker, I’ve always felt it was my duty to tell the world about ongoing post-election violence in my city and country.”

Bangarangis a courageous Film, and Robbie is a courageous Filmmaker”, says co-founder, Content Director and CEO of YAKWETU, Trushna Buddhdev-Patel. “So, it’s very appropriate that this watch party is on the eve of Mashujaa Day, where we can also celebrate those heroes, like the cast and crew of Bangarang, who have agitated for peaceful elections through their art.”

Bangarang trailer:

Bangarang is the story of Otile (David Weda), a poor boda boda rider, who is still jobless over 10 years after graduating with a 2nd class Honours Degree in Automotive Engineering. So, when violence erupts after the disputed Kenyan Presidential Elections, he leads other rioters in the streets of Kisumu. To him, this is the only opportunity to vent his anger on the government’s poor leadership, which he holds responsible for his joblessness. One fateful day, as he runs for his dear life from anti-riot police, he hides inside Dan’s (Dan Ouma) house. When the police find Otile, they beat everyone in the house – including Dan’s 6-month old Baby Joy (Anaia Apesi). So, Otile runs into exile, from the fear of being falsely-accused by the police for her death.

Released in December 2020, Bangarang is already Internationally-acclaimed with 26 Awards and Selections, including African Film For Impact Festival 2021, Africa International Film Festival 2021, Africa Movies Awards Academy 2021, Coast Film Festival 2022, Durban International Film Festival 2022, Edo State International Film Festival 2022, Festival Ecran Noirs 2021, Kalasha Film & Television Awards 2021, Lake International Pan-African Film Festival 2021, New York African Diaspora Film Awards 2022, Rustenburg Film Festival 2021, Serbest International Film Festival 2022, Ticfy International Film Festival 2022, Uganda Film Festival 2022 and Zafaa Global Awards London 2021.

In addition to the screening, complete with free popcorn and Kenyan Originals drink, every MyMovies.Africa watch party includes a very interactive hour-long Q&A session, between the audience, cast and crew.

On the panel for the 4th edition are: Odongo Robbie Wuodcaro (Writer and Director); David Weda (Otile); Rosemary Odire (Mama Joy); Ochieng Dancun (Baba Joy); and Mose Ouma (Director of Photography). The session will be moderated by YAKWETU’s Development Lead, Brian Waweru.

Supporting #WeWatchKenyan, the monthly MyMovies.Africa Watch Parties atiHub Nairobi are aimed to promote local Film and Content, as well as help in building a community of Kenyan creatives who actually watch Kenyan content.

Launched in July 2022, the event has screened and discussed two films from students of Kenyatta University –Why U Hate in July and Broken Mirrorin September – and also celebrated the 10th anniversary of Nairobi Half Life in August.

September’s edition also coincided with MyMovies.Africa’s 3

third birthday. Photos, courtesy of Creative Economy Practice, can be viewed here.

As part of the STAWI Spaces programme, African creative industry enabler, Creative Economy Practice (CEP), at CcHub has partnered with YAKWETU Online, for monthly screenings and discussions of films from Kenya and Africa.  MyMovies.Africa Watch Parties are also supported by iHub, Kenya Film Commission (KFC), Imaaks Mtaani, Milya’s Popcorn, BeeTeez Bistro and EnM Group.

Tickets (only 100 Seats) are already on sale for the 4th MyMovies.Africa Watch Party at iHub Nairobi, Senteu Plaza, Galana Road, Kilimani (6.00pm-10.00pm) and on ZOOM (7.00pm-9.30pm), on Wednesday October 19, 2022, here.


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