CA issues electronic certification service provider license to eMudhra of India

The Communications Authority of Kenya has issued an Electronic Certification Service Provider (E-CSP) license to eMudhra of India under its Root. The development and milestone is all set to enable, eMudhra, the largest Certifying Authority in India, to make solid inroads into the African continent, starting with Kenya, a country with massive potential and a strong Digital Outlook.

With robust procedures, a strong solution stack, and strong experience in similar demographic environments, eMudhra is poised to provide solutions optimized for Kenya.

“Our eCSP services in Kenya brings together local legal validity, paired with the benefit of global recognition by popular PDF readers giving end users a lot of comfort in signing digitally. Moreover, our objective is to drive benefit for the Kenyan ecosystem by merging our solution stack, with the signature services to offer a ready, usable, and value generating solution for our clients in Kenya”, says Arvind Srinivasan, the Senior VP for Global Markets and Strategy at eMudhra.

Being a licensed E-CSP in Kenya, eMudhra has complied with all the relevant local laws and now all businesses, citizens and government agencies in the country have a fully TRUSTED source to procure Digital Signature Certificates for their specific use-cases.

It’s increasingly evident that digital transformation is going to be an integral part of BCP, growth, and empowerment initiatives in Kenya because of its ability to provide a competitive edge, and bridge gaps that cannot be traditionally scaled at low cost. Use cases of digital signatures include digital tax filing, eServices to citizens, insurance fraud mitigation, paperless banking, eGovernment initiatives, defense security, advanced authentication, and more.

eMudhra intends to begin with enterprise use cases that are sure to have a wider impact post which, it will roll out its retail services in the country.

eMudhra is a pioneer in PKI driven Digital Transformation. As the largest licensed Certifying Authority in India (under the Controller of Certifying Authorities) and CA, Cross Certifying Authority, and E-CSP in many countries across the globe, eMudhra has paved the way for digital transactions in context of the required legal non repudiation, security, and trust required to propel the society forward. eMudhra has a strong solution stack that focuses on Identity and Digital Trust and consequent workflow applications to enable a digital society and empower organizations to adapt to the Digital era. eMudhra currently operates in over 25 countries with a mission to securely digitize societies through empowering trust in presence-less transactions.


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