How to become a cybersecurity specialist? We answer!

Modernization and computerization in modern companies is associated with the search for specialists with skills in the field of cybersecurity. Not only large, but also smaller companies are searching for people who will be able to provide them with constant protection against hackers and possible leakage of confidential data. How to become a cybersecurity specialist? Read on for details!

Why cybersecurity?

Hacker attacks are becoming not only more frequent, but also more dangerous every day. This is the result of developed technologies currently used in almost every company – entrepreneurs rely on internal software, own databases and websites that are the target of cybercriminals. Therefore, the demand for cybersecurity specialists has been growing rapidly recently. As it turns out, not every person with an IT education can cope with hacker attacks. There is no denying that these are entirely different activities that require proper training. According to recent research, it is the cybersecurity industry that offers one of the highest salaries on the international market. You can get a high salary already in the position of a junior!

A few steps to becoming a specialist!

Experience in IT does not guarantee an immediate status as a specialist in the cybersecurity industry. A key aspect is regular training, as offered at, as well as the skills and certifications obtained as a result. Although an IT education is not required, experience in the IT industry will certainly help you find yourself in a virtual environment faster and understand its operation.

The best training takes place on the so-called Cyber Ranges. These are virtual environments inspired by military training grounds. It is there that you can safely participate in hacker attack simulations and gain theoretical and practical knowledge. Group training courses offered by CDeX also teach efficient and organized teamwork and acting under the pressure of a real danger and time. Thanks to this, participants can effectively develop an incident response, i.e. a procedure to protect against a hacker attack.

Offer of the CDeX Cyber Range

One of the Cyber Ranges that will help you become a cybersecurity specialist is CDeX (Cyber Defence eXercise Platform). There you will find training that you can attend at any time of the day or night. These are training prepared by an experienced team of people who have been working in the cybersecurity industry for years. The offer includes both training in the cloud and the purchase of special software!


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