TikTok launches Nigerian General Elections Guide in-app as part of #SaferTogether initiative

As Nigeria gears up for its general elections on February 25, 2023, TikTok, in partnership with the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), the National Orientation Agency (NOA) and Africa Check, has launched product features that support its long-term vision to help Nigerians and other global users access factual and authoritative information about the Nigerian general elections. These efforts are part of TikTok’s commitment to curb election misinformation and ensure that election news is disseminated responsibly by its community.

Commenting on their contribution to the election hub, Ayodele Aluko, Director of Voter Education and Publicity at INEC said: “Part of INEC’s commitment in the Electoral process is to engage young people who constitute a larger part of the voting population. This collaboration with TikTok to create an election Hub where Nigerians can access credible information will help mitigate some of the greatest threats to credible elections. We strongly believe that this initiative will assist to counter misinformation, disinformation and fake news”.

TikTok believes in collaboration with various stakeholders to help strengthen its efforts to protect against harm and misuse on its platform, which is why the entertainment platform works with an array of experts and organisations to help promote safety on TikTok. Throughout 2022, TikTok engaged closely with NGOs, government, media, corporate organisations, civil societies, educational institutions and other role-players that form part of the TikTok community in Nigeria.

“We are continuously engaging with diverse stakeholders in Nigeria to discuss opportunities to mitigate the misuse of online platforms such as TikTok in a fast-paced digital world. Our resolve is to spread positivity in markets where we operate as we promote safety online,” said Fortune Mgwili-Sibanda, Director of Public Policy and Government Relations, TikTok sub-Saharan Africa.

These stakeholder engagements, in conjunction with the launch of the elections hub in Nigeria, affirm TikTok’s commitment to being a responsible industry leader that aims to impact Africa and the world positively.

As part of the initiative to foster a safe community during this period, TikTok is committed to providing access to trustworthy and relevant information for our community through voter education resources in-app provided by the NOA.

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Commenting on these combined efforts, Director General National Orientation Agency Dr Garba Abari said: “The exponential growth of the use of online platforms has led to tremendous business opportunities for influencers, brands and organisations. However, this growth has also led to challenges like fake news, hate speech, misinformation and disinformation etc. If these challenges are left unchecked, it poses a threat to the credibility of the elections and our national security and development. It is, therefore, imperative that all safety measures are put in place to protect users at this crucial time in our Nation’s history, which is why The National Orientation Agency is partnering with TikTok to promote a safe and factual space for each and every Nigerian online”.

In Nigeria and beyond, the TikTok community is encouraged to be a part of the campaign by reporting harmful content that appears untrue and fuels any political intolerance in any way. TikTok is a platform that encourages authentic and entertaining content that inspires creativity and brings joy. TikTok will provide notices on many election-related hashtag pages to remind people to follow the community guidelines, verify facts, and report content they believe may violate the platform’s content policies.

TikTok 4 Peace
Spreading the message of peace in Nigeria during this period, as part of the initiative, TikTok has launched a TikTok LIVE series titled #TikTok4Peace in partnership with TikTok creators and the National Orientation Agency. Moderated by Victor Mathias, a multimedia bilingual tech journalist, the series of TikTok LIVE sessions feature key opinion leaders, civil society and academia, focusing on tolerance, building bridges and active citizenship. #TikTok4Peace LIVE streams take place on the following dates:

6 February 2023 – featuring a member of the National Orientation Agency and funny man, Mr Macaroni
Topic: “How can stakeholders work together to drive safe and fair elections?”
8 February 2023 – featuring Africa Check and @__Iremide
Topic: “Platform curated comedy – how can content creators promote peace & harmony on the internet?”

“TikTok plays a significant role in shaping discourse around important topics. Using TikTok as a medium through which to engender an atmosphere of mutual cooperation during Nigeria’s national election period is part of our resolve to provide a platform that promotes peace and provides a safe space for positive digital expression,” concluded Mgwili-Sibanda.


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