OPPO Reno8 T (4G): First impressions after quickly trying out the latest model in the Reno 8 series

Though part of the Reno8 series, the OPPO Reno8 T (4G) is markedly different from the previous models in this series – that is the Reno8 5G and Reno8 5G 4G. This is our overall after using the device for a few days since we got our review unit.

On unwrapping the device from the box and powering it on, the first thing I noticed – having sampled and extensively used the Reno8 5G – is that the OPPO Reno8 T (4G) is comparatively slimmer though longer in terms of height.


Away from the size and height, let’s move to the overall design of the Reno8 T (4G). The Receiver is situated at the centre top, while moving towards the left is the front (or Selfie) camera. To the right side of the device is SIM card tray, another noticeable difference with the Reno8 5G where the SIM card slot is at the bottom left of the device.


Below the SIM card tray are the two Volume Keys. Apart from adjusting the volume while using the phone, remember that you also need simultaneously press and hold the Volume Up Button together with the Power Button until the OPPO logo is displayed to restart (or power off) the phone.

After the Volume Keys, and now getting onto the screen display, we have the Screen Fingerprint Scanner. And then below the fingerprint scanner, and again moving back to the side of the device, we have the Main Microphone for the user to speak into when making calls (or recording voice notes).

Then moving upwards from the bottom, we have the Power Key (which also doubles up as the Screen Lock Key) to be used in combination with the Volume Up Button on the left side of the device and directly opposite the Power Key. And according to the user’s Settings preferences, the Power Key can also be used for taking screenshots.

Above the Power Key, and now back to the screen display, we have the Proximity and Light Sensor.

Flipping the device and viewing it from the back, we have the Auxiliary (or Sub) Microphone, the Main Camera, Microscopic Camera, Sub Camera, and the Flash.

Moving towards the bottom, we have the Type-C USB slot for charging the device as well as transferring files from and into the phone, and a standard Earphone Jack slot. When charging the phone, a unique and beautiful green ring, called Breathing Light, appears round the main camera, further boosting its appearance and design.

Completing the back design of the Reno8 T (4G) is the NFC field (for digital transactions and payments) just next to the main camera to the right.


I have the Morning Black colour variant of the Reno8 T (4G) with a black case, a useful addition which gives the phone a more solid and compact feel when held within one’s palm. It also enhances the grip making difficult for the phone to slip off or be easily snatched when you’re holding it.


As a side note, I charged the phone to its full capacity and 2 days later, it’s still at 84%. This means that the 5000mAh battery can still comfortably take me through 37 hours of continuous use. However, let us continue using the device till the next charge before we give a more complete feedback about the battery’s performance.

Here’s the unboxing video:


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