Pathways International, a US-based business intelligence firm, sets up office in Nairobi

Pathways Technologies (formerly Pathways International), a data, technology and innovation company has launched its services in the African market. The launch event, held in Nairobi on February 16, 2023, was attended by professionals from the technology, policy, and financial services sector. The event was presided over by Marc Dillard, the Deputy Head of Mission from the US embassy in Nairobi.

In launching in Africa, the company aims to deliver business-focused data, technology and innovation solutions that will help its customers create and deliver value to their users. The business is structured along five key verticals: that is Business Intelligence and Data Analytics, Software and Applications Development, Fintech Innovation, Data Analytics Training and Staff Augmentation, and Digital Transformation Advisory Services.

Speaking during the launch, Pathways Technologies CEO, Joel Onditi said: “As we launch in Africa, our goal is to partner with existing organizations, to make Africa a better place. In this spirit, we are building true alliances with like-minded players. We have already made headway with great partnerships with globally recognized companies who offer data and digital transformation, and business intelligence solutions. We believe partnerships such as these, not only help us serve our customers better, but they help us in undertaking the training of our youth in highly specialized technology fields like data analytics, data science and software development.”

Pathways Technologies has recently attained the designation for Solutions Partner in Data & AI in the Microsoft Cloud Partner Program making it one of the first Microsoft partners to attain this designation globally. This designation is awarded only to Microsoft approved partners who have satisfied Microsoft’s requirements for demonstrating and validating the company’s technical capabilities in the Microsoft Cloud Partner Program.

This designation will allow Pathways Technology to support all businesses with the technical capabilities, experience, and ability that will deliver world class customer outcomes aligned to modern technologies and innovation. As a result, Pathways will help businesses across the continent differentiate and compete on a global level and offer exceptional service to their customers.

Pathways Technologies is also keen on creating innovative solutions to help improve quality of life in Africa by building solutions that advance financial inclusion, trade and climate change. It also seeks to address unemployment by creating digital jobs for the youth. In order to achieve this, Pathways Technologies has partnered with government institutions such as Konza Technopolis to source for job markets in Africa, US and beyond, for our youth all in an effort to contribute to reduction of the rate of unemployment in Kenya and the rest of Africa.

“Pathways brings the right skills, knowledge and experience required to support digital transformation to help reshape business models, leverage data, technology and innovation for growth in these times of uncertainties,” said Jed Summerton, Global Programs Director, Pathways Technologies.

Pathways Technologies, through its offerings, intends to bring value to its customers by creating software solutions meant for Africa and localizing technologies like Machine Learning and AI. It seeks to do this by providing solutions to organizations that are struggling to recognize the full potential of their data and technology assets and those having trouble keeping up with the latest technology trends. It also seeks to address the challenge of limited technology available to financial institutions to engage with their customers and lack of digital skills in the market.

“With their business intelligence, analytics, and systems integration offerings, Pathways Technologies is well positioned to step into this space in the Silicon Savannah to help Kenyan businesses compete globally,” said Marc Dillard from the United States of America embassy in Nairobi.

Pathways leverages technology and data to simplify the connections between businesses and their customers by delivering innovative technology solutions for our clients, allowing them to achieve better outcomes. The company provides organizations with holistic solutions that enable effective decision-making and service delivery.


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