Ugandan singer MAUIMØON is Spotify’s Fresh Finds Africa pick for February 2023

Emerging R&B/Fusion singer-songwriter, MAUIMØON has been selected as Spotify’s Fresh Finds Africa artist for February.

Launched in March 2022, Fresh Finds Africa is designed to provide a launching pad for emerging independent artists to reach new audiences. The programme is built around the eponymous playlist and access to tools and initiatives that inspire artists to have long and thriving careers.

With sonic influences steeped in his East African roots, MAUIMØON (real name Donald Otim) is transforming the local scene by tapping into a variety of influences – R&B, Afropop and Hip Hop with no geographical boundaries.

The Ugandan-born artist first became intrigued by music at the age of 11, drawing inspiration from avant-garde creators like Pharrell, Missy Elliot and Timbaland. MAUIMØON made his first public foray into music with the release of DRIVE and TOO REAL in 2019. After a short break necessitated by the global pandemic, the smooth-voiced singer announced himself the following year with the release of PLEASURE EP, a collection of slow, easy and cosy R&B-fusion records that evoke the same feeling as the title. The eclectic nature of the records helped earn the singer a dedicated and expectant fanbase.

Following a string of singles including 2022’s Here They Come, MAUIMØON secured his place in the conversation with the release of Sweeta, a fan favourite that is also among his most streamed records yet. Since then, the singer has struck a fruitful chord with his producer alias, La Soulchyld, giving birth to Cherry Sweet, a 2022 release that is billed as the lead single from his forthcoming project, From Uganda With Love due for release in February.

As he catches attention across the continent, including features by BBC 1 Radio and Nigeria’s Native Mag, the singer is eager to leave a legacy that outlives his music. “To me having

a legacy is creating unforgettable moments, memories and feelings in other people’s lives

and at different times of their lives. It also means  helping my community and changing

the lives of others who have not been as privileged as myself.” the multi-hyphenate creator says.

“MAUIMØON and his music represent a defiant, exciting variety of artistry and we’re eager to support him on this phase of his journey and further share his talent with the world.” says Phiona Okumu, Spotify Head of Music for sub-Saharan Africa.

Listen to MAUIMØON’s song, Cherry Sweet on the Fresh Finds Africa playlist.

Every month, Fresh Finds Africa spotlights one artist selected by the Spotify Music team. It is an important aspect of Spotify’s initiatives, including RADAR & EQUAL, created to support the African music scene.


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