Stephen A. Newton picked to head Ad Dynamo by Aleph operations in Africa 

Ad Dynamo by Aleph has appointed Stephen A. Newton as its managing director for Africa. Newton will prioritise pan-African expansion and assisting Ad Dynamo by Aleph’s  partners in overcoming the challenges of doing business across the continent.

Ad Dynamo by Aleph is Spotify, Twitter, Snap, and  Yahoo’s  exclusive media buying extension in Africa. As an enabler of digital advertising in emerging markets, the organisation is helping to break down barriers.

(TOP: Stephen A. Newton, the new head of Ad Dynamo by Aleph operations in Africa).

“As both  a developing market and a continent with a rapidly growing population, Africa is poised to house not only a sizeable portion of the world’s population but also a sizeable portion of the world’s eligible workforce,” says Newton. “I am excited to play a part in implementing Aleph’s goal of breaking barriers.”

“At Ad Dynamo by Aleph, we plan to continue to grow in anticipation of our partners’ needs and solidify our position as a preferred partner,” he adds. “We will build where they need us using tried and trusted methodologies, and we will continue to collaborate to create platforms that reduce the friction associated with doing business in these markets.”

Newton, an entrepreneur at heart, has more than 25 years of experience leading Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) businesses across the digital space. He is currently on a number of advisory boards for startups and mid-sized African companies that work in different parts of the online space. He is also the chairman and co-founder of The Illuminate Africa Group, a consulting firm that helps companies achieve their African expansion goals.

Newton has worked as managing director of Google South Africa, vice president and managing director of the Ad Exchange for Google-bought DoubleClick EMEA, managing director of Africa for PostivoBGH, chief executive officer of Date.ce, and interim chief operating officer of Universal Music Group Africa.

Ad Dynamo by Aleph represents major digital media platforms in Sub-Saharan Africa and more than 115 markets through an extension of its global extension of subsidiaries. With a unique combination of access to the largest digital players, proprietary technology, local connections, and expert knowledge, Ad Dynamo by Aleph is able to support Aleph Group’s vision to equalise the digital ecosystem. Creating a world in which all advertisers have access to the vast opportunities of digital advertising.

Aleph is a global enabler of digital advertising, connecting thousands of advertisers in developing countries with the major digital platforms, in more than 115 countries through its global . As an extension of our partners, across new and existing geographies, we enable platforms including Twitter, Meta, Snapchat, TikTok and 35 others to expand into new markets, and empower advertisers to take full advantage of the platforms’ advertising capabilities. Through these long-lasting partnerships, Aleph creates the opportunity for all people and businesses to advertise at a local and global level, without limits.


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