Huawei releases Wi Fi 7 to boost access and speeds in internet connectivity 

Huawei has unveiled the latest Wi Fi technology for East Africans which is set to revolutionize home and office internet connectivity. Known as Wi Fi 7, the set of new protocols for routers brings to the market the fastest possible internet with speeds of up 500Mps for each device and combined speed of up to 30 Giga bits per second per router.

Speaking when he officially launched the service in Nairobi, Huawei Chief Technology Officer for Southern Africa Mr. Matamela Mashau explained that the innovation was driven by consumer demand for faster download and upload speeds as well as the need to connect multiple devices to the Internet.

“The Wi Fi 7 effectively doubles the number devices that can effectively work with high-speed internet access, ensuring that a home or an office can comfortably accommodate up to 120 smart television sets, computers and smartphones at any one time,” said Mashau adding that Huawei’s local channel partners will be responsible for last mile availability of the new solution to customers.

Mashau added that businesses were also increasingly shifting from wired to wireless connectivity, with staff consistently needing to be always connected regardless of their geographical location. At the same time, organizations are also sending and receiving huge files, some of which are heavy videos or multimedia presentations.

“Typical examples of these applications include 4K and 8K videos that involve a transmission rate of up to 20 Gbps, virtual reality, online gaming, remote work, online video conferencing, and cloud computing. Facing such high requirements, the current Wi-Fi 6 standard is insufficient to improve the user experience in high-density scenarios. That is the reason we have launched Wi-Fi 7 to solve this challenge”, he noted, emphasizing that this step in the evolution of internet access is truly a great leap forward as far as speed is concerned.

Furthermore, in addition to offering previously unattainable data rates, Wi-Fi 7 has lower latency, increased network capacity, and a highly boosted efficiency.

The launch of the new products comes at a time when the Kenya government is pushing ahead with its drive to deepen internet access and use by setting up tech hubs across the country.


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