Zambia’s inaugural investors event sets strong base for capital formation

By Kelvin Chisanga

As I-NetCom Business Solutions, in partnership with our strategic link from South Africa, MNCapital Group, as well as with the support of our supporting partner, Eastern and Southern African Trade and Development Bank (Trade and Development Bank Group – TDB), alongside with the local backing as endorsed by Zambia Association of Pension Funds (ZAPF), while Capital Partners and Catalysts of Great Africa Ideas as well as our research partners, have all been on hand to render the much needed support required to host this investment forum which will be taking place in few days from today.

As key country organizer of this magnificent event under the I-NetCom brand, we have packaged this appetizing investment platform to win innovative thoughts around patterns of championing economic development and push creative ideas with different personalities whose strong professional and industry
specialties might be essential to change the Zambian story by embracing scope of diversified investment culture.

The much anticipated hosting of Zambia institutional Investors’ Forum 2023 is so fulfilling, quite expectant to seeing with some good economic results for Zambia which posies with a very exciting moment, as Zambia cools down some of the pressures on the macroeconomic front, and it certainly demands from us all by participating into the economy in order to reach desired aspirations, having said all of this with much more in mind, it is well cognizant to state that Zambia has unique growth potential and untapped potential too, which brings altogether a different new set of investment opportunities for
institutional investors especially after the launch of capital market master plan this year.

This forum aims to inform stakeholders about the economic situation in Zambia, discuss the translation of ideas into practical solutions, foster communication and synergies among business players, and map out the best way forward to participate in today’s dynamic economy.

The forum will also provide some practical discourse to understand the real typical issues affecting the economy. So, we have since put up together this exciting event, having confirmed a good number of speakers as well as key stakeholders to be drawn within Africa, and we are strongly believing that it shall be such a peculiar investment forum to take on, especially under the current operating policy framework in Zambia, as key fundamentals seemingly looking fairly receptive to dynamic economic systems.

However, in facilitating government’s efforts of attracting investment in the country to help trigger inclusive growth, we came up with this delightful investor’s forum, as our outfit I-NetCom Business Solutions Zambia together with the MNCapital Africa Advisors Group of South Africa whose operations have stood a good teste of time within the African space through hosting of exponential investment events, have shown passionate commitment and have strongly joined forces to make this event possible in Zambia as the first of its own kind. The event is to take place on a two-day on the 26th and
27th April 2023 at Ciêla Resort & Spa Lusaka, Zambia.

As country coordinators and partner of this event, we are so privileged to have a list of confirmed stakeholders to be drawn within the African market, and to this fact Zambia is showing high investment appetite within the region, as organizers with cooperating partners, we have hence put up a list of stakeholders and speakers on investment coming all the way from Botswana, Kenya, Mauritius, Nigeria and South Africa to come and attend at this year’s inaugural Investor’s Forum, as they will also try to sample Zambia’s economic potential.

Finally, I would like to state that our upcoming investor’s event will have the presence of key government ministries, as we endeavor working closely together to unlock the economic systems through broad-based platforms such as this one.

(Kelvin Chisanga is the MD, I-NetCom Business Solutions and the Country Organizing partner for the upcoming Zambia Institutional Investors’ Forum 2023).


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