Accuvise to manage new fund offering Africans and Diasporans access to global investment channels

Opportunik, a private wealth fund out to offer Africans and Diasporans access to global investments, has announced that it will launch its licensed fund on May 2, 2023. Administered by Accuvise Administrators, a registered fund administrator based in Mauritius, Opportunik Global Fund [OGF] will present a diverse mix of asset classes enabling investors to create wealth with minimal currency or political risk.

OGF was created to address African investors’ pain points, including high barriers to global deals, insufficient yield on smaller ticket sizes, ever-changing foreign exchange rates, and high inflation and taxation. Participants can be located anywhere in the world but must invest in the most traded currencies, such as the US Dollar.

As one of the first private retail funds aimed at Africans, the multi-asset growth fund will provide: low-entry barrier with a minimum investment of $5,000 and optional monthly subscriptions in multiples of $1,000; access to diversified asset classes and investment strategies in multiple financial markets; projected return of 10-20% paid annually to investors’ bank accounts; 5-year tenure for the principal with an annual payment of returns; and ability to track wealth journey and measure returns and financial growth.

Commenting on the fund, Kola Oyeneyin, CEO of Opportunik Global Fund, said: “We created Opportunik Global Fund to directly tackle the challenges many African investors face when looking for global investments. As an African-born fund, we recognise that the continent is full of wealth opportunities; however, there is a need to empower rising middle-class Africans with a platform to enable them to access new markets beyond the continent’s borders.

“At OGF, we help Africans create wealth and achieve financial independence. We are doing so by connecting investors to a global fund at a low entry barrier and with a healthy return. As we onboard retail and institutional investors before our official launch in May, we look forward to bridging the current wealth inequality gap.”

Driven by an in-house team of fund managers located across Africa (South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, and Zambia), OGF will work alongside Accuvise Administrators. With over $216 million in Assets Under Administration, Accuvise has a proven track record of structuring and administrating investment funds.

According to the Henley & Partners’ Africa Wealth Report, a total of $2.4 trillion total investable wealth is held on the continent, with South Africa, Egypt, Nigeria, Kenya and Morocco accounting for more than half of Africa’s high-net-worth individuals. Statistically, the wealth management market in Africa is estimated to grow by 60% in the next decade, driven by strong asset under management (AuM) growth in most major markets. This presents a good opportunity for middle-class Africans if given access to the same wealth management options made available to high-net-worth individuals.

Applications to join OGF are actively open, with retail and institutional investors going through a rigorous Know Your Customer [KYC] and Know Your Business [KYB] process, respectively.

With a starting capital of just $5,000, OGF provides US$ investments to middle-class and mass-affluent Africans and Diasporans. Licensed by the Cayman Islands, Opportunik carefully selects assets and maintains a dedicated team to deliver healthy returns. The fund is administered by Accuvise, a registered fund administrator with over $216 million in Assets Under Management, ensuring OGF’s investors face minimal currency or political risks.

Accuvise is a Mauritius-based Administrator with a track record of providing exceptional wealth growth and protection products to help clients identify and achieve their personal and professional financial goals. With decades of combined experience in the financial services and wealth management industries, Accuvise delivers unparalleled service, in-depth analysis, and data-driven results for corporate and private clients.


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