Grundfos partners with Norwegian Refugee Council to provide safe water to refugees in Africa

Grundfos and the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) have announced a new partnership to reach refugees and people in underserved communities with basic water access, especially in sub-Saharan Africa and the Middle East.

With a common ambition to solve the water crisis for people forced to flee, the two organisations will be collaborating under NRC’s WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) programmes that seek to save lives, prevent diseases, promote dignity, and support access to better living conditions and livelihood opportunities.

Ammar Fawzi, NRC’s Global WASH Lead, commented on why NRC has decided to enter this partnership with Grundfos, highlighting the importance of working with a partner that shares NRC’s values and brings innovative solutions to the massive challenge we face:“Today, millions of people affected by displacement around the world are left with little to no access to safe water. On top of the health challenges that brings, the lack of access to water facilities in shelters and camps deprives displaced families of the opportunity to make their shelters into homes, and their settlements into communities. By partnering with Grundfos we are now better equipped to work with and support people affected by displacement. We wanted to partner with Grundfos as they are a value-driven company that’s made providing underserved communities with safe water a part of their core business. Through our shared purpose, their innovative thinking, wealth of experience and knowledge, we will reach even more people displaced by conflict and work with them to provide access to lifesaving clean water.”

(TOP: Women in Somalia fetching water from a community water source. Photo: Abdulkadir Mohamed /NRC).

The partnership, effective from April 2023 for two years, will focus on four collaborative areas: skills exchange, program delivery and research and development, equipment supply and support for goods technical specifications, and catalysing innovative and sustainable projects.

Grundfos will support NRC’s work with technical advisory and training for local partners such as governments, para-governments, water utilities and other water operators within countries in which they operate. Both partners will also seek opportunities where Grundfos’ innovative technology and solutions can be tested and integrated into NRC programs.

Reach people with drinking water together

Pia Yasuko Rask, Senior Director, Grundfos SafeWater commented: We are very excited to work with NRC as a strategic and trusted partner and to support their WASH interventions through our water system solutions, helping provide more people with safe drinking water and creating lasting impact. This partnership is part of Grundfos’ ambition to reach 300 million people by 2030 with access to drinking water”.

Grundfos and NRC will further explore opportunities to accelerate new and innovative approaches to increasing the scale, scope, and sustainability of clean water access for the communities NRC serves.

“We believe that partnering up with the Norwegian Refugee Council is really honorable for Grundfos. As a company, we already have a great history working with sustainability and helping underserved communities, but with the devastating impacts of climate change, this mission has never been more important than now. At Grundfos, we have bold ambitions to achieve energy and water savings, follow circular business principles, and provide water access to people in need. We believe NRC will play a vital role, helping us to fulfill our responsibility to provide hundreds of millions more people with the fundamental means to a better future,” said Dag E. S. Gramstad, Country Director, Grundfos Norway.

Grundfos pioneers solutions to the world’s water and climate challenges and improves quality of life for people. As a leading global pump and water solutions company, we promise to respect, protect and advance the flow of water by providing energy and water efficient solutions and systems for a wide range of applications for water utilities, industries and buildings.

SafeWater is a strategic business unit in Grundfos, a global water technology company committed to pioneering solutions to the world’s water and climate challenges and improving the quality of life for people. Grundfos SafeWater creates a lasting impact by transforming underserved communities through commercially viable and sustainable smart water solutions. SafeWater is working towards Grundfos’ ambition of reaching three hundred million people in 2030 with access to drinking water. To achieve this, SafeWater collaborates closely with multi-sector partners among them, the world’s leading humanitarian and development aid organisations, local distributers, service partners, industries, energy service providers, banks and financing institutions, investors, and governments

SafeWater predominately operates in East and West Africa, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East – and often in remote locations.

NRC is an independent humanitarian organisation working in new and protracted crises, protecting displaced people, and supporting them as they build a new future across more than 40 countries.

NRC specialise in six areas: food security, education, shelter, legal assistance, camp management, and water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH). NRC specialises in WASH services to protect the public health of displaced people and local communities, and to help protect their right to safe water and sanitation. Additionally, NRC’s WASH programs seek to save lives, prevent diseases, promote dignity, and support access to better living conditions and livelihood opportunities. NRC do this through direct interventions, in collaboration with shelter, education and livelihoods and food security experts, and through partnerships with other organisations. The mode of operation NRC choose, depends primarily on the WASH needs of the targeted people, and the quickest and most effective way to meet those identified needs. Over 4,5 million people benefitted from NRC’s WASH program in 2021.


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