Are you mindful of how much time you spend on your mobile phone?

HMD Global, the home of Nokia phones, shares some insights into adopting screen mindfulness.

Digital devices have become a part of almost everything we do in our day-to-day lives. They are often the interfaces with our work colleagues and clients; they provide us with entertainment; they keep us up to date on what’s happening around the world; and to a large extent, they provide the platform through which we connect socially with family and friends.

With so much of our days being spent in front of screens, it’s easy for screen time to become a habit rather than have a constructive purpose. Plugging into your Nokia T20 Tablet to have an important brainstorming session with your global team is one of the incredible benefits of our largely digitally driven world. But weigh this against habitually picking up your phone the moment you receive a notification could have negative effects on your relationships.

The key is finding balance, and more specifically, becoming mindful of when, where and what you’re spending time on when engaging with your mobile devices.

Reflection time

Here’s an experiment that you can do. Set the intention for one day to be aware of everything you do on your phone – don’t change any habits, just be aware. Make notes of how often you picked up your phone or got distracted by a notification.

This isn’t always that easy, especially if you automatically pick up your phone to see what a notification is for, so there are some great apps that you can use to help you track your screen habits. Digital Wellbeing, for example, gives you a holistic overview of how frequently you use different apps, how many notifications you receive, and how often you check your phone or unlock it.

Then check your data and break down how much of that time spent engaging with your device was for a productive purpose – like having a work meeting, reading an educational article, or phoning a friend to wish them happy birthday. And the rest of that time?

Kids and screen habits

In today’s times where digital devices not only play a part in children’s entertainment, but are also often used at school as part of their education curriculums, parents are looking for ways to find balance for their children in all this screen time.

This space has blossomed into a whole new world for youngsters! There are incredible websites and apps with content that can feed their minds, teach them things and pique their natural curiosity. Google’s Kids Space, for example, has a massive library of quality content, from apps, games and digital books that they can read, to videos that they can watch while being entertaining and educational at the same time.

The golden opportunity here is to create a balance of quality screen time – maybe playing an online game with your family or friend. Or have family night and watch an entertaining family-friendly movie together.

Find some fun and engaging apps that engage your children’s curiosity around math, science, art, or biology while being super fun to play! Some great apps include Adventure Academy, Google Playbooks, and Kids Doodle.

You can also support your children in managing their habitual screen time by creating healthy screen time boundaries, chatting to them about what they’ve been doing online so they think about it to share with you, and also implementing respectful parental controls such as Google Family Link.

Screen mindfulness in a hybrid world

The bottom line is that digital devices are an undeniably important part of our lives in the hybrid world in which we are living. Productive screen time can deliver value, if the time we spend on our devices is mindful and purposeful.


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