“I’m fierce, vivacious and unafraid of my sexuality”: Kyallo Kulture S2 is now streaming

“I can’t wait for season 16 when I have my second child and Gloria, her first, with Betty building her mansion in Karen.” – Mercy Kyallo

The second season of the highly-anticipated reality series Kyallo Kulture is now streaming on Showmax, with new episodes releasing every Tuesday.

Kyallo Kulture S2 follows the Kyallo sisters Betty, Mercy and Gloria as they continue on their journey through sisterhood and what it means to be a Kyallo, as well as their individual journeys into entrepreneurship and self-discovery.

Coming off his success with The Real Housewives of Nairobi, executive producer Eugene Mbugua says the new season is full of more vulnerable and honest moments with the sisters that the Kenyan audience will appreciate.

“It takes the cast being vulnerable and honest on camera to make a hit reality show because viewers are very quick to pick up what is fake or pretentious,” says Eugene. “In the first season, everyone working on the production was getting to know each other better on camera. Things were a lot easier in season two as the sisters are now used to the camera as they share their all with the audience.”

Watch the launch trailer:

Season two also sees Mercy take centre stage as she reintroduces herself to her fans, an opportunity the middle Kyallo sister welcomes with open arms.

“I’ve always wanted to be a movie actress or a big star, and it looked like this was the opportunity coming to me to finally realise that dream,” says Mercy. “Season one was very different and tough for me. I took a break and I thought about everything. I had to rediscover myself, and my sisters and get a new job. And you will see in season two that I get back in the groove of things.”

Mercy is excited for the new journey and what the future brings. “I can’t wait for season sixteen when I have my second child and Gloria, her first, with Betty building her mansion in Karen,” she says.

But Mercy isn’t the only one rediscovering herself this season. Betty, who admits she felt she was a bit timid in season one, is bringing the sexy back, while also showing a very vulnerable and raw side.

“In Kyallo Kulture season two, I’m fierce, vivacious and unafraid of my sexuality. The fans love who I am but it will be interesting to serve them a different side of Betty,” says Betty. “I also want people to know a side of me that cries, a side that feels that I’m appreciated and valued. So we’re bolder in our thoughts, feelings, traumas, and celebrations.”

Betty and Mercy will also be introducing their new relationships in season two, an experience that is not new to Gloria, the youngest Kyallo sister, whose relationship to her boyfriend Ken was featured in the first season, and one that she hopes she can nurture better into the new season.

“It was a lot of pressure having him (Ken) on the show because Mercy and Betty kept reminding me that he’s the masculine energy in the group, but speaking from his point of view, I feel like it was really hard for him,” Gloria says.

Sharing their relationship with Kenyan viewers was a big adjustment for both of them, Gloria admits. “It caused a really big strain in our relationship, and at one point, he almost left. And it was mostly because of how I expressed myself. Being on screen for the first time, sometimes you don’t really take into account what you say, and you don’t realise that it’s watched and listened to by many people. And those are the kinds of amends we’re trying to make.”


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