TikTok amplifies African culture with authentic voices at #LevelUpAfrica Creator Week in Nairobi

Celebrating African All-Stars that are taking Africa to the world, this week, TikTok continued to invest in the exportability of African content creators at the first-ever #LevelUpAfrica creator week for local creators in sub-Saharan Africa. The 2-day immersive experience sought to educate content creators on how they can use their content for economic progress and global exposure.

The workshops dedicated time to educating creators on TikTok best practices, staying safe on the platform, building professional brands and more in a fun and experiential environment. Making creator well-being a priority, sessions included meditation and prioritizing digital well-being.

Morris Kobi, a producer and brand influencer known as @motifdidon on TikTok, shares his experience promoting himself as a producer through radio and television. However, he found it challenging to engage directly with fans and grow his brand through those platforms. TikTok provided him with the opportunity to bridge that gap. Africa Day, for Morris, is a chance for Africans to demonstrate their boundless potential to the world. He produces Kenyan national holiday celebration songs to showcase the richness and uniqueness of traditional Kenyan music. This ambitious content creator believes that the Afrobeat genre proves Africa’s capacity to offer something truly exceptional. He is actively working to create a new genre that resonates with Kenyans, aspiring to elevate it to the same heights as Afrobeat and Amapiano. Morris emphasizes that only TikTok has the power to revive a song released 40 years ago and make it a sensation. “That’s pure magic!”

“Building an audience was a challenging process that demanded time and effort. When TikTok emerged as a new platform, I recognized its potential and expanded my content creation to reach an even wider audience through @ademolavictortv. Through my creative sports and fitness content on TikTok, I aim to positively impact the youth regarding African culture. By promoting African sports, music, and traditions, I strive to foster a sense of unity and belonging among African youth.”

Reflecting on being an African content creator on TikTok, these powerful words were shared by Ademola Victor Damilola, an exercise physiologist and TikTok sports content creator. Ademola is one of five TikTok content creators who have offered their insights on Africa Day, highlighting how the platform has allowed them to authentically and meaningfully connect with their respective communities.

Ademola, currently pursuing his Ph.D. at the University of Lagos, is also deeply passionate about Nigerian football teams and inspiring young people to be active. As a content creator, his goal is to keep Nigerians and Africans informed about current events in the sports world and find ways to promote physical activity. He recalls his journey as a content creator, starting on various social media platforms in 2015.

Lerato Mphahlele, a quantity surveyor and food and lifestyle creator, shares African recipes, showcasing the continent’s delicious and bold flavours. She also shares messages of hope with her audience, encouraging them to pursue their dreams through her platform @life_with_lerato.  Lerato was born and raised in the small village of Ga-Mphahlele in Limpopo, South Africa, and like many Africans, she has defied the odds to reach her current position. She began creating content on TikTok during the Covid-19 lockdown and was surprised by how relatable her content became to people. She highlights TikTok as the only platform that allows individuals to freely express themselves in their native languages, showcasing their food, lifestyles, and culture in an unfiltered way. Lerato appreciates that TikTok prioritizes authenticity over perfection or aesthetics. To her, being African means being a part of a rich cultural tapestry.“By being authentically and unapologetically ourselves and showcasing Africa beyond stereotypes, we can tell a more positive African story.”

Hlanzeka Purity Mvelase, known as Purity on TikTok, joined the entertainment platform to share her passion for cooking and educate people about her food culture through her TikTok platform @dinewithpurity. “I incorporate aspects of African culture by featuring traditional ingredients, cooking techniques, and recipes that reflect the diverse food cultures across South Africa. By showcasing these elements, I aim to inspire a sense of pride and interest in African culture among the younger generation.Participating in the TikTok community has significantly influenced Purity’s creative process. “The feedback from viewers has been invaluable in shaping my content and understanding what resonates with them.” Purity believes that TikTok contributes to promoting and preserving African traditions, music, and culture by providing a global platform for African creators to share their unique perspectives and talents. Her message to African youth is to embrace their cultural heritage, take pride in their roots, and actively contribute to shaping the future of Africa. Purity firmly believes that Africa’s youth hold immense potential to drive positive change and contribute to the continent’s growth and development.

Ire Mide, known as @iremide on TikTok, became a creator to showcase her creativity and talent. She holds Africa Day in high regard, viewing it as an opportunity to celebrate African diversity and growth, highlighting the continent’s cultural and economic potential. “TikTok contributes to preserving and promoting African traditions, music, and culture by providing a platform for us to showcase and preserve our culture. It promotes African music globally, particularly through viral challenges and trends. TikTok also facilitates language revitalization, cultural exchange, and collaboration between Africans and people from around the world.” She emphasizes that TikTok serves as a space to raise awareness about important issues affecting African communities. Moreover, it fosters a sense of community among Africans and those interested in African culture, encouraging exploration, preservation, and celebration of African heritage.

Through the voices of talented content creators, TikTok has become a powerful platform for unity, creativity, and cultural exchange. From sports and cuisine to music and traditions, TikTok showcases the diversity and richness of Africa, breaking stereotypes and fostering a sense of pride among its global community.


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