Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro brings enhanced ambient sound to users with hearing disabilities

Whether listening to your favorite music, or simply tuning into or tuning out your surroundings, the Galaxy Buds2 Pro offers the ultimate in sound for everyone. As we recognize Global Accessibility Awareness Day, Samsung is committed to helping those who are hard of hearing better enjoy the sounds of the world around them with the introduction of new enhanced Ambient Sound.

Making Technology More Accessible and Inclusive

Previously available at three levels of customization, the updated Ambient Sound feature which gives users the ability to listen to and stay aware of their surroundings now adds two additional levels, offering five levels of amplification and providing the benefit of improved hearing to even more users.

To assess the feature’s efficacy, a clinical trial was undertaken by the University of Iowa’s Hearing Aid and Aging Research Laboratory. Their research concluded that Galaxy Buds2 Pro significantly improved speech perception in those with mild-to-moderate hearing loss. A similar trial conducted by Samsung Medical Center also found that the Galaxy Buds2 Pro could be an effective tool to help those with mild-to-moderate hearing loss to better communicate in a quiet place.

“With the enhanced ambient sound feature, we hope to bring a transformative listening experience to people who are hard of hearing. We believe everyone should enjoy the wonders of technology and communication, irrespective of their hearing abilities. This isn’t just about a product, it’s about how we can make life more inclusive, supportive, and enjoyable for all our customers. With the Galaxy Buds2 Pro, we’re striving to make that vision a reality,” said Charles Kimari, Director of Mobile eXperience, Samsung East Africa.

Bringing New Levels to Audio Customization

With this improved feature, Galaxy Buds2 Pro users can also fine-tune their Ambient Sound settings across a variety of needs. Users can adjust the volumes on the left and the right respectively, as well as customize their Ambient Sound tone range from soft to clear across five different stages. Additionally, Ambient Sound can tune to a users’ ears through the Adapt Ambient Sound feature, allowing for even more clarity in helping users hear the world around them.

“We are excited to be introducing the new enhanced accessibility feature of the Galaxy Buds2 Pro to users on Global Accessibility Awareness Day,” said Han-gil Moon, Master and Head of Advanced Audio Lab, MX Business at Samsung Electronics. “Samsung will continue to work to help each and every user experience the best possible audio anytime, anywhere with their Galaxy Buds2 Pro.”


The enhanced Ambient Sound feature will be progressively released on Galaxy Buds2 Pro via software updates in coming weeks.


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