How to Deal with Loneliness: 6 Effective Ways to Try

This world is filled with seas of people. However, there are times when you feel lonely and isolated. You may feel an acute sense of emptiness and feel that no one can understand you. If this feeling remains for too long, it can eventually damage your mental health as a whole. Loneliness is associated with various mental states. For example, feeling lonely can trigger depression and lead to suicidal thoughts. This is definitely very dangerous, thus you should know how to manage your feelings better.

There are several ways to overcome loneliness that can be tried and are quite effective, read on below to know the best strategies you should apply.

What Can You Do to Overcome Loneliness?

Loneliness can trigger unhealthy behavior in sufferers. For example, lonely people will easily become alcoholics, which is certainly not healthy. In some cases, sufferers may also experience certain drug abuse disorders. If you’re feeling lonely, there are some healthy ways you can deal with it!

1.   Reduce the use of social media

When you’re feeling lonely, the first thing you might want to do is access social media or any social networking apps. Although it seems as if it can divert feelings of loneliness, the use of social media constantly does not help recover from this condition at all.

A study published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine found instead of uplifting your mind and feeling, social media users are more prone to feeling isolated than people who rarely access it.

2.   Call your friends

You probably have a relationship with people who you think understand you best. Thus, when you feel lonely, you should contact them to simply exchange stories or share the feelings you are facing. You can also invite them to meet, such as having a coffee date at your favorite coffee shop or dp lunch together.

3.   Take classes or join social activities

You certainly have certain hobbies, such as dancing, playing sports, or drawing. Loneliness can appear because you might have free time and have no activities you can do. By taking interesting classes, you can meet a new group of people with the same interests.

You can also join a non-profit community or volunteer to help distract yourself from any loneliness you often feel. By joining a community, you can meet new people, have interesting experiences, and become more grateful for the life that you currently have.

4.   Adopt a pet

There may be times when you are too reluctant to interact socially.  This condition may be overcome by keeping animals, such as cats and dogs, to accompany your days. Various studies have proven the wonderful benefits of pets to reduce feelings of loneliness. A scientific article published in the journal Aging Mental Health states that raising animals can reduce loneliness by up to 36%.

Taking care of a dog, for example, can help maintain mental health, especially for those of you who live alone and are prone to experiencing loneliness. Pets can also help you recover from anxiety symptoms, stress disorders, and depression. Having a pet allows you to do other useful activities, for example; taking your dog for a walk in the park. This activity won’t only do good for your pets, but at the same time, relaxing walks can also help to improve your mental health.

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5.   Change negative thoughts to a better one

Negative thoughts can arise when you feel lonely. You may remember the hurt or regrets that you’ve encountered in the past.  It’s a normal thing to happen, but it’s also important to be able to control these thoughts so they don’t drag on.

Instead of dwelling on them, try making a list of negative thoughts that come to mind. Also, include any solutions or next steps you will take to overcome them. For example, when you have lost a large sum of money because you are not good at managing finances, the next thing you can do is to learn to save and invest, thus in the future you can prevent yourself from making the same mistake.

6.   Overcome loneliness with professional help

Loneliness and depression often coexist. The more depressed you feel, the greater the feeling of loneliness you will experience. If the tips above are not helpful for you to overcome loneliness, you should consult a doctor or psychiatrist. So, you will get the best treatment that can help to change your way of thinking.


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