FullCare Medical to set up $100 million production facility at Tatu City in Kenya

FullCare Kenya Medical SEZ, a manufacturer of medical care and protective equipment, has announced plans to establish a state-of-the-art production facility at Tatu City, Kenya’s first operational Special Economic Zone (SEZ). FullCare’s investment will total more than $100 million and supply clients in the US, Europe, and Africa.

“Kenya represents a great base for international investment by Asian companies, and we are pleased to establish our first production facility on the African continent,” said Mr. Wu Jianfei, the MD of Singapore-based FullCare. “For more than two decades, we have pioneered production in Asia of the highest quality medical protection materials for human healthcare management.”

(TOP: L-R- Preston Mendenhall, Country Head of Rendeavour, the owner and developer of Tatu City and Wu Jianfei, the MD of Singapore-based FullCare during the signing ceremony of an investment by FullCare at Tatu City that will total more than $100 million. Looking on is James Marumi, the Head of Legal Counsel, Tatu City).

The first phase of FullCare’s facility will create 1,000 jobs and serve international customers in more than 70 countries. FullCare’s clients already include well-known distributors of medical supplies. The production facility at Tatu City SEZ is expected to be completed by the end of 2023.

“We are delighted to welcome FullCare, a major player in healthcare equipment production, to Tatu City Special Economic Zone,” said David Karimi, Deputy Country Head of Rendeavour, the owner and developer of Tatu City. “From its base in Tatu City, FullCare will make a significant contribution to the supply of high-quality medical materials to Africa and the rest of the world.”

More than 75 companies are operational or under development in Tatu City’s business-friendly location, including Kenya Wine Agencies Limited, Dormans, Copia, Cooper K-Brands, Grit Real Estate Income Group, Twiga Foods, CCI Global, Freight Forwarders Solutions, Friendship Group and Davis & Shirtliff. More than 3,000 homes and apartments are occupied or under construction at Unity Homes and the Kijani Ridge neighbourhood.

Tatu City is a flagship Vision 2030 private sector development and a Special Planning Area designated as Project of Strategic National Importance pursuant to The Physical and Land Use Planning (Classification of Strategic and Inter-County projects) Regulations, 2019.

Business benefits at Tatu City SEZ include VAT zero-rating, import, and stamp duty exemptions and 10% corporate tax for the first 10 years and 15% for 10 years thereafter.

FullCare (Kenya) Medical SEZ is a Kenyan company with Singapore roots with more than two decades of experience in the production and global distribution of high-quality medical care and protective equipment. FullCare’s modern production facility at Tatu City Special Economic Zone is designed to serve Africa, Europe and the US and create more than 1,000 in its first phase.


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