GoldPesa targets 4 million crypto owners with its newly opened blockchain academy in Nairobi

Blockchain technology company, GoldPesa has opened its doors to its blockchain academy to bridge the knowledge gap and demystify existing myths in blockchain-related digital assets and web 3.

Equipped with its latest blockchain curriculum and state-of-the-art facilities at ABC Place, Westlands in Nairobi, GoldPesa Academy Kenya will be targeting the existing 4 million crypto owners as well as new learners getting into the blockchain sector.

The report by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) released in June 2021 indicates that 8.5 percent of the population or 4.25 million people own cryptocurrencies in the country. This places Kenya ahead of developed economies such as the US, which is ranked sixth with 8.3 percent of its population owning digital currencies.

(TOP: Avhit Biji, director, GoldPesa Academy, Kenya)

According to Shamik Raja, CEO of GoldPesa, GoldPesa Academy Kenya, a trailblazing education company, is poised to revolutionize the world of cryptocurrencies, blockchain, and the captivating landscape of Web 3. With an unwavering commitment to driving tangible knowledge and ground-breaking innovation, GoldPesa Academy Kenya empowers individuals to boldly embrace the transformative prowess of Web 3 and embark on an odyssey of unlimited possibilities.

“In an oversaturated landscape of obsolete information and redundant courses, aspiring learners in the blockchain and crypto education domain often face disappointment. At GoldPesa Academy Kenya, we possess a deep understanding of the market’s dynamics and endeavor to elevate the benchmark of blockchain education, equipping students with invaluable insights and actionable knowledge,” said Shamik

In an industry riddled with outdated information and lackluster courses, Raja adds that GoldPesa Academy Kenya aims to set a new standard in blockchain and crypto education:

“Recognizing the growing frustration among eager students who find themselves inundated with recycled material and tedious theoretical texts, GoldPesa Academy Kenya is on a mission to provide a powerful community with access to practical and actionable information. By providing actionable insights and strategic acumen, they enable their esteemed learners to navigate the digital realm with confidence, propelling them towards lucrative passive income endeavors. With a collaborative and nurturing environment, GoldPesa Academy Kenya fosters connections and partnerships, fueling transformative change driven by the disruptive forces of cryptocurrencies and Web 3 technologies.”

At the same time, GoldPesa Academy Kenya’s comprehensive curriculum offers a range of courses designed to empower learners in the digital economy. From a Passive Income Masterclass to a Decentralized Finance Masterclass, and even professional training programs on How to Tokenize Your Business and Create a million-dollar digital asset portfolio, courses delve into the core aspects of digital finance and provide actionable strategies for success. Whether it’s creating and monetizing digital products, understanding the revolutionary potential of decentralized finance, navigating the world of NFTs, or capitalizing on the next bull run, the GoldPesa Academy Kenya syllabus covers the most pertinent topics in the industry:

“GoldPesa Academy Kenya is an educational facility that is providing the opportunity for the public at large to come and understand the blockchain and its applications. We are geared up and looking to impact many lives within the region, enabling them to understand the tech and how they can leverage out of this through business and creation of income,” says Yadav Jani, the Director, GoldPesa Academy Kenya.

To ensure competency and value for learning, GoldPesa Academy Kenya has deployed a formidable team of educators, composed of exceptional individuals who embody a remarkable fusion of expertise, experience, and unyielding zeal for the dynamic realm of digital finance. Drawing from a diverse array of backgrounds as scientists, engineers, coders, and entrepreneurs, their educators stand as paragons of accomplished thought leaders, equipped with an extensive reservoir of knowledge and a proven track record of triumphs spanning a multitude of domains.

In addition, GoldPesa Academy Kenya is committed to its educators to stay ahead of the curve. The educators will continuously update their expertise, remaining abreast of the latest trends, emerging technologies, and industry best practices. This dedication allows them to deliver relevant and timely information to members, ensuring they have a competitive edge in the digital finance domain.


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