Huawei targets residential homes with new 5G fixed wireless equipment

Huawei technologies has unveiled a new range of home internet wi fi equipment as it focuses on deepening its impact on the residential market. Known as the 5G Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) Square Solutions, they include FWA Pro for ultrafast connectivity, FWA Lite for cost-effective connectivity, and FWA Biz for highly reliable connectivity. These three solutions are designed to help meet user needs in various scenarios and expand the 5G FWA market.

Li Peng, Huawei’s Senior Vice President and President of the Carrier BG, was quoted in a statement from the firm stating that in the consumer market, skyrocketing demand for new experiences has led to a boom in innovative forms of content and applications, like naked-eye 3D, smart home management, and whole-house intelligence. This has prompted the upgrade of home networks that can deliver a bandwidth of 10 Gbps like private lines.

“We predict that these applications and content will also spur a 10-fold surge in traffic. For example, the traffic generated by naked-eye 3D content will see a 3- to 10-fold increase compared with 2D videos. A single New Calling user can generate over 1 GB of data per week while one cloud phone user can generate over 1 GB of data a day,” he said.

Li explained that the pursuit of the ultimate experience by the large number of users is driving the development of innovative content and applications as well as the construction of networks that can deliver a 10 Gbps experience.

The most significant change is the dramatic increase in speed, a rate is three to eight times faster than the average wired broadband speed. Subscribers invariably want faster and more reliable broadband connectivity, but shy away from paying extra for it.

“We believe that 5G-powered FWA will become the broadband choice for most homes around the world within the next few years and unlock a new blue ocean of cross-sector innovation across a multitude of industries for operators and industry chain players,” added Li.

The new technology is intended to put subscribers in the position of having to increase speeds without increasing access costs. Another major improvement for FWA is the fact that 5G FWA creates more business possibilities and dramatically reduces costs per line, including network investment and subscriber connection costs.


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