HMD outlines sustainability efforts for the Nokia brand in latest CSR report

HMD Global, the vendor of Nokia-branded phones and accessories, has released its latest sustainability report for 2022. The document is designed to give the company’s stakeholders an insider’s view of the business, showing the readers how far they’ve come and how far the firm aims to go.

“We don’t just do sustainability reporting. We do sustainability business modelling. At HMD, reporting on our environmental, social and governance standards is so much more than a tick box exercise to meet the requirements expected of today’s businesses. That’s why sustainability is legitimately wired into our business, our products and our culture. Because we know our success as a business – and the future of life on earth – depends on it,” states Jean-Francois, the Executive Chairman at HMD Global, in the report’s introduction.

The report then goes on to highlight the company’s initiatives and activities conducted in the previous year(s) to ensure that its products released to the market lead to ‘Less waste, and More connection.’ This is because the products are designed with durability, longevity, affordability, recycling, and repairability, in mind.

Circular, subscription phone service

“In 2022, we launched Circular – a subscription phone service that is set to redefine mobile phone ownership. Circular customers lease the phone from us. This means we can take devices back to keep them out of landfill and in people’s hands for longer. How? By refurbishing phones to ‘good as new’ then giving them a second life. And by donating older handsets to The Unconnected, who are a global community on a mission to connect one billion people to the internet. Of course, at the end of a phone’s use, we collect recyclable parts and put them back to good use,” noted the HMD chairman.

The Circular programme, launched in September 2022, is available for select devices from the Nokia website in the UK and Germany.

Sustainability and Longevity

In its efforts to deliver robust, long-lasting and affordable devices across its product portfolio, HMD Global launched the Nokia X30 5G to the market in May this year. Billed as the brand’s most sustainable smartphone at the moment, the device is crafted with 100% recycled aluminium and 65% recycled plastic. Then there’s the Nokia G60 5G which made it’s debut in the local market in March this year. The Nokia G60 5G was targeted at the midrange segment and came with a back cover made with 100% recycled plastic and a frame made from 60% recycled plastic. Designed for longevity, the two models come with 3 years warranty, 3 years OS and 3 years of monthly security updates.

Nokia G60 5G is also housed in an innovative packaging that has an increased amount of recycled content and uses FSC-certified materials.

“To make this happen, we worked closely with our carefully selected suppliers to source materials. This also includes packaging for some of our products, which is now 100% recycled or FSC certified. What’s more, we’ve started removing chargers and earbuds from our phone packaging, which means our boxes are smaller and so is our CO2e impact during transportation,” stated the HMD Global chairman in the 2022 sustainability report.

Device trade-in 

HMD Global also launched Trade In, a programme that enables customers to get a discount when purchasing a new device whilst giving back their current device for it’s second life – thereby ensuring that the comparatively older device is kept out of landfill for longer. The company notes that repairability is a big focus for it going forward, emphasising that it “gives 100% to be in 1% of the most sustainable businesses globally.”

Last year, in recognition of its sustainability and environmental conservation efforts, HMD was awarded EcoVadis Platinum status. The award places HMD among the top 1% of businesses globally, a remarkable feat that the company is extremely proud of.


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