Sustainable smartphone upgrades: The role of trade-in programs in achieving ESG goals

In a rapidly advancing world of technology, smartphone companies face the challenging task of maintaining innovation while also embracing sustainability. OPPO, a leading player in the industry, has taken a significant step towards environmental responsibility through its sustainable upgrade initiatives, particularly its trade-in initiative. Through partnership with mobile phone e-commerce platform Badili Africa, this platform allows customers to exchange their old smartphones for newer models, contributing to ESG (environmental, social, and governance) and sustainability goals.

At the core of these programs lies a simple yet powerful concept – the refurbishment and reuse of traded-in smartphones. Customers are encouraged to return their old devices in exchange for newer models at a consumer friendly cost. Once collected, the traded-in smartphones undergo a rigorous refurbishment process, including a complete data wipe and thorough quality checks. This not only reduces electronic waste but also promotes a circular economy where valuable resources are conserved by extending the lifespan of the devices.

Trade-in option is open to all smartphone brands

For consumers, the advantages of trade-in programs are numerous and invaluable. Upgrading to a new smartphone often comes with a hefty price tag, but trade-in programs help alleviate this financial burden.

Moreover, the convenience of trade-in programs cannot be overstated. Responsible recycling of old smartphones can be a cumbersome task for consumers, but with trade-in options, customers can simply return their devices to designated brand shops, eliminating the need to find suitable recycling channels.

Participating in these programs also resonates with consumers’ growing environmental consciousness. A device that would have ideally ended up in a land field gets to have a new lease of life effectively extending their lifespan and reducing the overall burden on the environment.

As sustainability becomes a central concern for many, trade-in programs provide an avenue for environmentally conscious individuals to actively contribute to e-waste reduction and resource conservation.

“The volume of electronic waste generated globally is expected to grow by 12.82% from 2023-2028.To tackle the problem of e-waste pollution, OPPO has established a number of product recycling systems including trade-in service in both domestic and international markets to promote the recycling of used electronic devices and OPPO Kenya introducing the trade-in service continues to show our commitment to a sustainable future” said Fredrique Achieng, PR Manager OPPO Kenya.

E-waste recycling has long been an important part of OPPO’s product lifestyle management. In 2022, 1.08 million phones were recycled in China, amounting to a total weight of 195 tons. In the EU and other regions, OPPO is involved in the Green Dot program as well as partnering with professional recycling firms to help recycle used products.

The most durable battery

Noteworthy, OPPO’s introducing its proprietary Batter Health Engine to dozens of its smartphone models since its first release in 2022. By solving battery issues associated with dead lithium, the Battery Health Engine reduces loss in battery capacity over time, helping to extend battery life and reduce electronic waste caused by frequently discarded smartphone batteries. Based on OPPO’s customized battery management chip, the Smart Battery Health Algorithm, and Battery Healing Technology, the Battery Health Engine can maintain the battery capacity of OPPO smartphones by as much as 80% of its original value after as many as 1,600 charge-discharge cycles, delivering an effective battery lifespan much longer than the industry standard, providing not only improved user experiences but also driven impact for society through its improved sustainability. As a testament to OPPO’s green innovations, the Battery Health Engine has been awarded the 2023 SEAL Sustainable Product Award.

Sustainability is a long journey that required joint efforts with ecosystem partners

Virtuous innovation and environmental protection are both important elements of OPPO’s sustainable development journey, but its efforts go far beyond that. Operating in over 60 countries and regions, OPPO is making long-term efforts on operations and compliance, on caring for its employees, and on contributing to the community as a corporate global citizen.

Achieving sustainability goals requires long term strategy and efficient management, and OPPO takes a top-down approach and set up the Sustainability Management Committee to guide and regulate its development. However, the road to sustainability is a long one and requires joint efforts, and OPPO is committed to playing its part as it works with ecosystem partners.

In May 2022, OPPO Inspiration Challenge was launched to call for innovative solutions on accessible technology and digital health, and to empower technology professionals and entrepreneurs to bring innovative solutions to life. The program has received 536 proposals from 39 different countries and regions, with innovative solutions ranging from psychological health to hearing impairment, and machine glass for the visually impaired.

In 2023, the OPPO Inspiration Challenge continues to empower global entrepreneurs and technology professionals. Under the two categories of “Inspiration for People” and “Inspiration for the Planet”, the Challenge is calling for innovative solutions targeting digital health, accessible technology and greening technology.

OPPO Inspiration Challenge Inspiration for the planet

To be able to enjoy this service consumers can visit any OPPO branded shop across the country and they will be assisted with our sales agents. The trade-in option is not just limited to OPPO devices, consumers can equally trade in other phone brands,” added Fredrique.

To trade-in old smartphones, visit: OPPO Customer Experience Center, Emperor Plaza Ground Floor or any other OPPO shops across the country.


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