Top 5 must-have LG home appliances for a smart and modern home

From cookers to help us quickly prepare our various dishes; to microwave ovens for warming the leftovers for a quick meal when we’re in hurry; and eventually to the dishwashers for cleaning the utensils after use, home appliances have definitely made our lives easier, and less hectic and cumbersome.

For a brand whose name has been conspicuous with consumer electronics and home appliances for decades, LG has been recognized as a leader when it comes to home appliances. And to showcase some of its products in this segment, below are some of the LG appliances for the smart and modern home:

LG SolarDOM Oven:

With the current trends and innovations around the kitchen, it’s no longer about preparing a meal for you or your guests but more about overall experience while cooking your favorite dish(es). And with the LG SolarDOM Oven, the well-crafted and designed kitchen appliance with the latest technology when it comes to culinary art, you can look no further.

The LG SolarDOM Oven packs a number of versatile features all meant to make your cooking experience as effortless and stress-free as humanly possible. Its 3-in-1 functionality ensures added efficiency, allowing you to grill, microwave and bake your food, all within the same appliance. The multi-function feature means that one doesn’t need separate appliances for different cooking tasks, making it a convenient companion during the cooking exercise.

The SolarDOM Oven’s free-standing design makes it portable and even ideal for out-of-kitchen situations when food is to be prepared away from the traditional kitchen environment. Still on design, the round hollow section inside the oven is able to accommodate the common shapes of plates and cooking pots found in and used in majority of kitchens. Last but not least, the drop-down door design enhances convenience when loading or unloading utensils while also acting as a holding surface for food waiting to be served.

LG’s Heat Pump Dryers:

LG’s appliances have been known by users to stand out for their outstanding performance, energy efficiency, and sleek designs. The brand’s appliances are also built to provide unparalleled convenience, time savings, and provide overall cleanliness within the household or whichever environment where they’re domiciled.  The appliances have been engineered to prioritize energy efficiency and sustainability with eco-friendly features like the Inverter Direct Drive motor, which reduces energy consumption and noise levels. 

When it comes to dryers, LG’s Heat Pump Dryers come with inbuilt DUAL Inverter technology to offer the user unparalleled energy efficiency coupled with a 10-year warranty. Fitted with 2 cylinders instead of the standard single cylinder, the Heat Pump Dryers provide the highest level of energy efficiency in the market while minimizing wrinkles and reducing energy consumption. The dryer’s innovative Sensor Dry system detects moisture levels and adjusts drying time accordingly, preserving the quality of garments and preventing over drying.

LG Dishwashers:

LG Electronics East Africa in July this year unveiled the brand’s latest dryers and dishwashers in Kenya with an aim to revolutionize how Kenyan households manage their laundry and dishwashing needs. This was part of the company’s efforts to enhance consumers’ lives through advanced technology and superior quality.

The LG dishwashers feature intelligent technologies with intuitive controls, adjustable racks, and a large load capacity that makes much easier to clean up the kitchen after cooking. The LG QuadWash feature, for instance, cleans up the utensils with a single wash from multiple angles, eliminating the need for pre-washing. The Inverter Direct Drive technology ensures that the dishwasher is stable and minimizes the noise level while the ThinQ mobile app lets users control the machine remotely. The TrueSteam technology, on the other hand, provides superior cleaning performance by removing stubborn stains and delivering spotless results while the adjustable racks and customizable storage options make it easy to accommodate various dish sizes and shapes.

Besides the above, the dishwashers have been engineered to prioritize energy efficiency and sustainability. With eco-friendly features like the Inverter Direct Drive motor, which reduces energy consumption and noise levels. By using eco-friendly materials, the appliances are designed to minimize their environmental impact.

The appliances known for their exceptional performance, energy efficiency, and sleek designs come embedded with cutting-edge features and smart functionalities and are designed to provide unparalleled convenience, time savings, and cleanliness.

LG InstaView Refrigerator:

Energy costs continue to take up a huge amount of families’ overall monthly budgets, and households are putting all their efforts to identify and adopt the use of appliances and products that can help them reduce these costs.

Energy costs (or rather, efficient energy consumption) was one of the key consumer concerns which LG sought to address with the launch of the LG InstaView refrigerator.

The LG InstaView Refrigerator is designed to help households make savings on their energy bills while also providing them with a range of other convenient features.

Apart from its efficient energy consumption, the InstaView is fitted with a range of smart technologies that help to optimize energy usage. The refrigerator’s Inverter Linear compressor adjusts its speed based on the amount of food stored inside, which helps to reduce energy waste.

Then there’s the knock twice feature. This allows the user to simply knock twice on the glass panel to illuminate the interior, enabling them to easily see what’s inside without having to open the door. This not only saves time but also helps to reduce energy consumption (or loss) which occurs when the doors of the fridge are constantly swung open in order to view the food items stored inside.

Then there’s the peace of mind which results from knowing that you’ve a 10-year warranty on the compressor with globally respected testing organization VDE proving a 20-year lifespan for the fridge’s Inverter Linear Compressor.

All the factors considered, the LG InstaView refrigerator is definitely good value for money and ideal addition to not just your kitchen, but to the overall household.

LG AI DD Washing Machine:

Washing clothes or doing laundry is a task that most people dread. That’s why people couldn’t have been more grateful when technology and innovation ushered in the era of washing machines.

Since the first models were invented over two centuries ago, technological advancements and continuous product development have meant that current washing machines come with more and more features and functionalities. All for the benefit of the consumer.

And talking of advanced features, the LG AI DD Washing Machine comes packed with quite a number. It offers 18% more fabric protection through its inbuilt AI DD technology which selects the most optimized washing motion through detecting not only the weight and pattern of the fabric but also sensing its softness. The washing machine’s steam technology eliminates 99.9% of allergens such as pollen or dust mites that can lead to respiratory issues or allergies. Through LG’s ThinQ mobile app, one is able to remotely start and control their laundry remotely, monitoring the cycles and energy usage and also download additional wash cycles. 

In terms of design and aesthetics, the LG AI DD Washing Machine has a tub clean feature which maintains optimal performance of the appliance by clearing detergent buildup, scum and other residue, keeping your wash drum shiny and clean. You can run the Tub Clean cycle every 30 cycles or once per month. This guarantees durability and significantly reduces maintenance costs. 

For added convenience, the washing machine has an ‘Add Item’ function which allows users to add forgotten items into the machine easily mid cycle, while the laundry process is already underway.


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