Exploring LG’s AI technology: The transformative impact of ThinQ AI on user-device interactions

Since the advent of smartphones in the mid 2000’s, we have all become familiar with and accustomed to mobile apps, appreciating the benefits they bring to the user and the conveniences of using them.

Just like the same way websites are key medium for establishing a company’s identity and online presence, going a step further to build and have a mobile app helps in building an even stronger brand presence. The mobile apps also help in creating a better connection between the product (or service) with the customers, thereby improving customer engagement.

But an app like ThinQ comes with the above and more. Developed by LG for pairing with the brand’s devices and appliances, the ThinQ app enables LG appliance owners to manage and monitor these appliances remotely, giving them greater control.

With the app, the owner of an LG-branded appliance or product is able to enjoy added convenience and functionalities presented by the mobile app as it seamlessly connects to either the TV, audio system, dish washer, microwave oven, cooker, air conditioner, TV, or even the washing machine.

This means that with a smartphone with an internet connection and the ThinQ app installed, you don’t really have to panic and worry on realizing that you hurriedly left the house without turning off the TV, despite the fact that there’s no one else left in the house. For you can simply use the app to remotely switch off the TV from wherever you’re, without the need to dash back to the house. Imagine the peace of mind that comes with such a realisation.

Apart from enabling the user to remotely turn off LG appliances and devices, the ThinQ app keeps users updated and informed, notifying about the status and progress of each and every activity that has been set up to proceed in whichever appliance – be it the microwave oven, dishwasher, or even the AC. For the refrigerator for example, the ThinQ app occasionally diagnoses the state of the products and food items stored inside by itself.

The app is compatible with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and over 150 other services, and is powered by machine learning for a fully personalized experience.

Because of their inbuilt AI capabilities, the LG ThinQ compatible devices and appliances identify and detect what’s best or suitable for them, thereby ensuring that the user doesn’t encounter any avoidable mishaps and malfunctions by sending tips and tricks based on one’s product use patterns.

For enhanced efficiency around energy consumption, the LG ThinQ smart home devices analyze he customer’s usage patterns in order to help them save time, energy and overall expenditure.

So what else in terms of benefits does an LG-branded device or appliance’s user (or owner) get by using the ThinQ app? Let’s continue below for further details on how the app can be used to transform your house in to a Smart Home:

  • Setup: With the ThinQ app, you’re able to easily and quickly set up your virtual home in the app. And in case you own multiple devices or appliances, you can then organize each into its respective room (or position within the household), then proceed decorate them with your preferred color in terms of wallpaper.
  • Control: With the LG ThinQ app installed and activated on your phone, you can then sit back and be confident in the knowledge that your house is always within reach, no matter the circumstances or your current location. All you need is an internet connection on your phone (either by buying data bundles or WiFi) to monitor and manage your appliances and devices.
  • Matching: By using the LG ThinQ routines, a user can automate their smart home devices to be identical (or similar) to their day – whether you’re taking the time of to catch some much-needed sleep, on vacation, or just getting back home after a bus and hectic day. For example, by activating the ‘Sleep mode’, all your LG ThinQ devices will ensure you have a good night’s rest whenever you’re ready to go to bed.
  • Check and Monitor: As was briefly mentioned above, with the LG ThinQ app, you can quickly and easily monitor the status of your smart home devices – be it the status of food items in the fridge, the laundry in the washing machine, or even quick snack left in the oven.
  • Simplify Cooking: By scanning the barcode on various ready-to-cook or frozen meals, one can then automatically send cooking instructions straight to the oven. The settings are customized to your personal cooking preferences. You can also save the scanned meals to ‘My Recipes’ in the LG ThinQ app.
  • Connect TV and phone: For more convenience as well as control, you have the option to swap your remote control for the LG ThinQ app. In a single Magic Tap, you can mirror, cast and sound share from your TV to your phone and vice versa.
  • Shopping: You can use the app to get all your essentials and purchase original supplies and replacements directly from the LG ThinQ Store. The app keeps track of your usage patterns and will notify you when you need more supplies or when there’s a special offer, essentially helping make savings in the process.
  • Customer Care: With the app, LG has aimed to enable customers solve their problems on the spot. By using the LG ThinQ Smart Diagnosis function, you can instantly check whether your devices are performing optimally, get a notification when an issue pops up, and then immediately receive a solution which they can personally implement without the need for a technical expert.


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