Bolt enhances driver engagement with launch of reward scheme and improved safety measures

Bolt, the on-demand transport platform in Africa, has announced the launch of an innovative Driver Reward Scheme designed to enhance driver engagement and empower the driver community. The new scheme reaffirms Bolt’s commitment to recognising and celebrating the outstanding contributions of its dedicated drivers. In addition to this exciting scheme, the company is also taking significant steps to ensure driver safety by introducing driver alerts for unsafe areas within the app.

As part of the reward scheme, Bolt is running a campaign dubbed ‘Drive for a Prize’ that commenced in early August. The campaign mechanics has seen Bolt drivers and boda boda riders accumulating points earned for each completed trip, hours spent online, accepted and completed trips, and high driver scores. The campaign is expected to reward about 400 drivers and riders over the next coming months.

(TOP: Dennis Koech, centre, a top performing boda boda rider, receives his fuel voucher from the Bolt team led by Gideon Ekeno – left – and Linda Ndung’u, on the right).

The ‘Drive for a Prize’ campaign saw Bolt award 138 drivers and riders at an event held yesterday, at the Driver Engagement Centre in Westlands. The rewards included Smart TVs and phones, shopping and fuel vouchers.

Speaking at the event Linda Ndungu, Country Manager said: “At Bolt we recognise and acknowledge that drivers are at the heart of our success, and the new Driver Reward Scheme is a testament to this belief. Bolt aims to celebrate and appreciate the hard work, dedication, and exceptional service provided by our top-performing drivers and riders. We recognise that addressing passenger safety concerns is two-pronged; it requires both educational awareness as well as initiatives to reward and encourage more positive driver behavior. Our hope then, is that this Reward Scheme will both motivate our drivers and act as a catalyst for long-term positive change in the ride-hailing community.”

Key highlights of the Driver Engagement Reward Scheme include:

  • Monthly and Quarterly Rewards and Benefits: Drivers who consistently demonstrate excellence in their service will be eligible for monthly and quarterly rewards and exclusive benefits, including fuel vouchers, phones, shopping vouchers, and home appliances.
  • Community Building: Bolt will facilitate driver meetups and events such as family fun days and sporting activities, fostering a sense of community among its drivers and giving them opportunities to connect and share experiences.

The safety of all users on the platform remains a top priority for Bolt and therefore, the company has introduced driver safety alerts as a significant step in ensuring the well-being of its driver community. This improved feature allows in-app alerts for drivers with more information about trips, including areas considered unsafe as a result of driver and rider safety cases that have been reported to Bolt’s Customer Support team. With these alerts, drivers will be allowed to decline these optional trips without their drivers’ score being impacted.

“In response to feedback from our driver partners, we are also introducing the driver alerts. These alerts enhance safety by providing more trip information that helps drivers to make informed decisions. We have integrated advanced technology within our app to provide real-time notifications and alerts to drivers regarding potentially unsafe areas. This feature adds to the in-app safety toolkit that has been developed to provide safety measures for both riders and drivers,” added Linda Ndung’u.

Bolt firmly believes that this initiative will not only improve the overall quality of service but also help rebuild trust and confidence among its passengers. Bolt further solidifies its position as an industry leader, emphasizing its appreciation for the invaluable contributions of its drivers and prioritizing safety as a core aspect of its operations.


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