How to buy phone airtime from your Airtel Money wallet

Airtime is one of the top consumer products purchased by Kenyans daily according to the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS).  Before the introduction of Mobile Money services in Kenya, people entirely depended on scratch cards to top up airtime. Even though it is still in use.

However, the revolution brought about by mobile money services like Airtel Money has transformed numerous payment methods, like buying airtime.

With many options in the market to purchase airtime, one of the unique benefits of buying your airtime via Airtel Money is that you get 25 percent extra airtime for each purchase. Airtel is giving more value for less, given that airtime takes up a significant portion of budgets for both businesses and individuals.

Additionally, when an Airtel customer purchases a bundle using Airtel money, they get a 25% bonus data to enable them browse through the internet and enjoy their favorite content.

To purchase Airtime through Airtel Money using *344# USSD Code,

  • Dial *334#
  • Select buy airtime
  • Select Self
  • Enter the amount
  • Enter PIN


When using My Airtel App,

  • Select buy airtime
  • Enter amount
  • Enter PIN

As customers start to use mobile money for topping up airtime, they find it increasingly convenient to use Airtel Money to make other daily payments. If you haven’t already registered for Airtel Money you can do this by dialing *334#.


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