Bolt’s operating licence renewed after firm met all regulatory requirements from NTSA

Ride-hailing platform Bolt has announced the renewal of its operating licence by the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA), having fulfilled all the statutory licensing requirements as per the National Transport and Safety Authority (Transport Network Companies, Owners, Drivers and Passengers) Regulations 2022. This renewal comes as a result of Bolt’s unwavering commitment to the Kenyan market, further solidifying its position as an affordable, safe and reliable mobility platform.

Bolt’s licence renewal is also testament to the company’s dedication to adhere to Kenyan regulations as a foundation to building a long-term sustainable business that positively contributes to all stakeholders in the ecosystem. This also underscores Bolt’s resolve to maintain the highest standards of safety, quality, and service excellence within the industry.

Linda Ndung’u, the Bolt Kenya Country Manager, said: “We are happy to receive the renewal of our operating licence from the NTSA, after collaborative dialogue between key stakeholders within the industry. This accomplishment reflects our ongoing commitment to providing viable earning opportunities to drivers on our platform, and providing reliable and cost-efficient services to our customers. It also reaffirms our steadfast commitment to ensuring a secure platform for all users on our platform. We have consistently worked towards meeting the necessary regulatory requirements, and this renewal attests that we continue to be a trusted and compliant player in the ride-hailing sector.”

Bolt suspended the booking fee pending clarification with NTSA around the interpretation of the regulation on this particular matter which is currently ongoing, while maintaining its commission structure which strictly adheres to the stipulated regulatory requirement of capping it at 18%.

Over the past 7 years, Bolt has invested heavily in innovative technologies, driver training, and enhanced safety measures to ensure quality experience and safety of both riders and drivers. The company has also continued to expand its service areas, offering affordable and convenient transportation options to an ever-growing number of riders.

The renewal of Bolt’s operating licence is a testament to the company’s dedication to continue to provide affordable and convenient services for passengers across the country whilst simultaneously providing earning opportunities to many Kenyans.

In an earlier statement, amidst reports that the NTSA had declined to renew its operating license, Bolt said that its operations are “ongoing, uninterrupted, and the existing licence remains legally valid.”

The firm quoted Section 32(4) of the NTSA Act, citing that the company is permitted to continue operating until the licence application process is officially determined. The NTSA Act states that “If on the date of the expiration of a licence…proceedings are pending before the Authority on an application by the licensee for the grant to him of a new licence, the existing licence shall continue in force until the application is determined…”

“The licence renewal process is currently in progress with constant engagement and collaboration with the National Transport and Safety Authority, and it is expected to be finalised by Monday, October 30, 2023 as per letter by NTSA to Bolt. With regard to the letter from NTSA concerning the renewal of our licence, we have taken swift action in response to NTSA’s concerns regarding the booking fee and commission. In strict compliance with NTSA’s requirements, Bolt has suspended the booking fee pending clarification with NTSA around the interpretation of the regulation on this particular matter. It is important to highlight that our commission structure strictly adheres to the stipulated regulatory requirement of capping at 18%. We want to reaffirm our unwavering commitment to operating within the bounds of the law, ensuring that our operations fully align with the legal framework. We remain committed to collaborating closely with the regulator to ensure a successful outcome,” stated Linda Ndung’u. “We want to reassure all customers on our platform that our services are still accessible nationwide, and we are committed to providing drivers with earning opportunities and affordable services to everyone.”


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